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Incognito by Morgan K Wyatt

Incognito by Morgan K Wyatt has just hit the ebook shelves of Amazon UK. To celebrate Morgan has asked me to give you all a peak inside the pages and also doing a giveaway for a couple of lucky followers to win Incognito. 

You might remember I interviewed Incognito's leading man, Marcus Aronson a short while ago, if you missed what he had to say you can read the interview by clicking right here.

So have a read of the excerpt Morgan sent me. Then leave a comment plus your email address on this post before July 31 and you could score yourself an ebook copy of Incognito. I know I can't wait to get the book and see what happens. 

If your like me and can't wait Incognito is available for purchase now. Simply click the link: Amazon UK  

Good luck everyone.

Excerpt - Incognito by Morgan K Wyatt

Marcus decided her expression wasn’t overly welcoming. Had he read the kiss wrong or was the problem that he shouldn’t know where she lived? Only a nosy person or someone with access to personnel records would know that. Still, her cutoff shorts were hot. What did that shirt say? He read the words aloud until she covered it with her hands. “Straight men…” Wait, what did she cover up?
He walked closer until they were nose to nose. The coconut-scented suntan oil teased his nostrils. Visions of tropical nights spent under a full moon, rolling around with Teresa’s long legs wrapped around him filled his mind's eye. Speaking of legs, he glanced down to the limbs in question. Just as long and as magnificent as he imagined them that made it a double shame to cover them up. Still, he knew teen boys needed little to start erotic fantasies about their teachers. Why give them more fodder?
Her lips held onto the circle of surprise, which made him think of other ways he could shock those delectable lips. The slight hush of the pool filter, children playing in the distance, plus a tinny muffled dog barking registered in a corner of his mind. Two feminine hands held tightly under her breasts owned the majority of his attention. Whatever word she might be trying to hide with her hands did not quite cover the arrow pointing downward to an interesting zone.
“My sister-in-law’s a jokester. The shirt is a souvenir from her San Francisco trip.” She said the words breathlessly, while staring up in his eyes.
Placing his larger hands over hers, he deliberately wrapped his fingers around hers with the intention of lifting her hands off the obvious inappropriate word. What he didn’t count on was her determination to keep the word covered or their precarious perch at the edge of the pool.
“C’mon,” he cajoled when she pressed her hands even tighter to her midriff as she might be attempting CPR on herself.
She shook her head. “Nope, I’d rather be shirtless than have you read my humiliating shirt.”
Shirtless? Oh yes, he could go for that. “Sounds good to me.” His hands dove to the bottom of her shirt to help her remove it. A forceful push sent him wind-milling into the pool, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and damn it, cell phone, and all.
She stood peering into the pool, her body quivering with suppressed laughter. He fished out his cellphone laid it on the edge of the pool. Her expression told him she couldn’t believe her eyes as he pulled out his wallet, his keys, and a waterlogged package of mints. He reached under the water, pulled off one, then another topsider and flung it onto the cement.
“What are you doing?” She stared at the growing pile.
He smiled at her very interested mien. The woman ate him up with her eyes. Good. He unbuttoned the two buttons on his polo and pulled it over his head. He wrung out his wet shirt, twirled it over his head like a stripper, and pitched in her direction, hitting her with a satisfying smack.
“Looks like someone invited me in for a swim.”
Her mouth opened and closed with no words coming out.
“Unfortunately, I forgot my suit so I have to improvise.” He slipped the belt from his khakis and let it float on top of the water like some mythical serpent. Teresa’s eyes followed as if it were Nessie. To think he took time considering what would be the right thing to wear only to end up drenched. Business casual did not serve him well.
Her eyes stayed glued to him as he reached for his waistband. “I’ll be right back,” she announced as she darted to the patio door. “Don’t go anywhere.”


  1. Omg this sounds awesome cant wait

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  4. OK I have never been known for my patience but I have been waiting here for a while now waiting for those trousers to come off..........

    1. Lady MacBeth (love your name)
      I am cruel in that I cut the excerpt short. It was longer before. I hope you win so those pants finally come off. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Good Morning Da Angel,

    Incognito is a fun summer read. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Loved the excerpt, Morgan. Can't wait to read it. Also, I love your cover!!

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Incognito was a fun story to write. Dawne Dominique did the cover. Thanks for commenting.

  7. It's getting hot in here!

  8. And the three winners are Lynda Dickson, Lady Macbeth and Da Angel. I'll contact Morgan with you emails and get her to send off the ecopy of the book.

    You know what that means Sandy, you and I get to buy our own copies. Oh well.

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