Thursday, 18 July 2013

Edible Delights Vol 2 Author Highlight - Bianca Sarble

Flavor of the Month
Guest post by Bianca Sarble

When it comes to food and sex, the first thing that comes to mind is cake. A deliciously decadent piece of mud cake, served with whipped cream by a sexy, preferably half naked man in front of a roaring fire! Whether you’re vanilla, strawberry or rocky road, sometimes the right food can make you moan just as much.
In Flavor of the Month, Cate Gallagher is a baker but it’s a long time since she’s had any men in her kitchen. She’s learned the hard lesson that all that glitters isn’t sugar coated.
Patrick Garrett is the man to change her mind. He pulls out all the stops and tries to charm her out of his favourite caramel sauce, and if he’s lucky, her heart as well.
I hope you enjoy Flavor of the Month as a part of the Edible Delights Anthology Vol. 2, and read it with a serving of your foodie guilty pleasure.

Excerpt: Flavor of the Month by Bianca Sarble

Taking a break from the Sunday morning breakfast rush, Cate rested her head on the cool surface of the stainless steel countertop wishing the relief she needed would kick in. Either from the pain meds she’d taken for the massive headache, or the two blocks of chocolate she’d eaten to ease the sexual frustration. It seemed now the feminine parts of her had come out of hibernation, they wanted to feast on spring berries. Specifically, Patrick’s berries.
Tying her apron over her work uniform of white T-Shirt and black shorts, she looked up the length of the counter. There he was ordering coffee from Millie, complete with panty-drenching smile. If he aimed that thing her way again, she’d need another block or two of chocolate, which wouldn’t keep her in a size fourteen for long. She tried to turn with the hope he hadn’t seen her.
“Hey, Cate!”
No such luck. She slowly turned to the ordering station.
“How’s your head today?”
She smiled with a level of enthusiasm she didn’t feel. “I’m fine. Thanks.”
“I see my raw masculinity still hasn’t won you over. Can I at least tempt you to sit and have a coffee with me?”
His grin was infectious. His voice was like velvet on her very sensitive nerves.
“No? Is it because I knocked you down with my reckless driving? I can promise you’d make it to your chair without incident.”
He made her laugh. She’d give him that. “Sorry, but the fact that you drive a BMW and wear designer labels doesn’t impress me. Been there, done that. Plus, it’s just Millie and I here today so I really don’t have time to sit around drinking coffee.”
“Got me all worked out have you? We’ll see about that. I know you won’t be able to resist my animal magnetism once you get to know me.” He glanced at his watch. “I’ll just wait around to see if you change your mind.” He grinned and stepped backward.
“I doubt I will.”
He just grinned at her, almost in challenge

What was it about this man that made her laugh? She wanted to stay mad, but it seemed impossible whenever he was around. It didn’t hurt that he looked like a GQ cover model or that his voice sent shivers down her spine, but the kicker was the warmth in his smile.
“Okay, come in. I’ll grab some coffee.”
While she worked on the coffee, Patrick put the flowers on the counter before perusing the sample tray. “So, what are we tasting tonight?”
Cate froze. Cake. He’s talking about cake, not body parts. “Carolyn said she wanted something different, so we have the cherry mud cake, Tia Maria mud cake, Cookies & Cream, chocolate mud cake and last but not least, butterscotch with its own caramel icing.”
“I’m guessing that’s your favorite right?”
“My favorite is all of them. It’s too hard to choose just one.”
As she approached the table with the coffee, he surprised her again by coming around and pulling her chair out for her. His body heat radiated against her back and she had to stop herself leaning into his muscular chest. She gave herself a mental slap to pull her professional mask back in place as she sat. She broke off a piece of her first selection with a fork and offered the handle to him.
“This is the cherry mud cake. I have a recipe for a cream cheese icing that sets it off perfectly.”
Keeping his gaze on hers, he folded his fingers around her hand and guided the fork to his mouth. He hummed and licked his lips as the flavor exploded in his mouth, drawing her attention to his very lickable lips. Maybe she should have served ice water instead of coffee because she certainly didn’t need to heat things up.

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