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Release Blitz - Deep by Kylie Scott

I'm so happy to be part of the Release Blitz for the next book in the Stage Dive Series. Kylie Scott is an amazing Aussie Author and the Stage Dive Series is one of my favs. I hope you all enjoy the excerpts and tempting teasers on offer today. 

Excerpt #1
His laughter, it didn’t really sound the smallest bit amused. “Christ. You’re done here.”
“Ah, no. I’m actually not. Now see, this is where we have a problem.” I folded my arms. Then unfolded them because like fuck I’d look defensive. He was the one in the wrong, not me. “You’re not prepared to take me, or my feelings, seriously. What you want is to hide away in Mr. Too Cool for Commitment land and just play with my affections when it suits you. Okay, I’ve accepted that. But none of that means it’s okay for you to come in here and act like you’re the boss of me. None of it.”
“That so?” he asked, leaning down so that we were almost nose to nose.
“That’s so, baby.” I play-punched him in the shoulder, which it should be noted, I barely came up to. Okay, so maybe the alcohol on a mostly empty stomach had made me slightly/lots braver/sillier. “So why don’t you take your little caveman jealous tantrum bullshit somewhere else. See, I do this funny thing I like to refer to as whatever the fuck I want. Understand?”
He just stared.
“And as pretty as you are with your beard and your muscles, you are too damn tricky and . . . complicated and shit for me.”
“I am?”
“Yes, you are. Are you finally seeing my point here?”
“You bet.”

“Excellent. So take your hotness elsewhere, kind sir. I want no part of it!” Huh. I had so told him. Drunken bravado was the best.

Excerpt #2
“Where have you been?” My sister rushed forward, catching me up in a tight hug. “I’ve been trying to call you all day. We checked everywhere and couldn’t find you.”
“Sorry. I just needed some alone time.” I squeezed her back, unable to stop from smiling. The thought of Anne turning her back on me had scared me more than I liked to admit.
“Well, I get you might want that.” She stepped back. “But you could have told someone.”
“You can’t just disappear like that.” And Ben kept right on frowning. “Shit, Liz, you’re pregnant.”
“Don’t upset her,” snapped Anne.
Ben ignored her. “I don’t know what the hell’s going on in your head. But you need to let me know where you are.”
My eyebrows went up and my mouth opened, ready to rip him a new one.
“She doesn’t answer to you. She’ll let you know if and when she decides to let you know,” said Mal, laying down the law to his bandmate before turning my way. “You will text your sister next time you decide to go wandering for a day, understood?”
My mouth, it still hung open.
“Christ, man.” Over and over, Ben’s hands rolled into tight fists before releasing again. “Can you cut the shit and get off my back for a fucking minute?”
“Don’t swear at him.” My usually sensible and staid sister poked a finger dead center in Ben’s broad chest. “You’re the one that caused this mess, thank you very much. She might still be a little young and naive, but you’re definitely old enough to know better.”
“That’s right.” Standing about as tall as a skyscraper, despite only coming up to Ben’s nose, Mal stared him down. Or up. Whatever. “This is a family matter. You can leave, thanks.”

 Meet Ben and Lizzy on March 31st!

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Positive. With two little lines on a pregnancy test, everything in Lizzy Rollins' ordinary life is about to change forever. And all because of one big mistake in Vegas with Ben Nicholson, the irresistibly sexy bass player for Stage Dive. So what if Ben's the only man she's ever met who can make her feel completely safe, cherished, and out of control with desire at the same time? Lizzy knows the gorgeous rock star isn't looking for anything more permanent than a good time, no matter how much she wishes differently.

Ben knows Lizzy is off limits. Completely and utterly. She's his best friend's little sister now, and no matter how hot the chemistry is between them, no matter how sweet and sexy she is, he's not going to go there. But when Ben is forced to keep the one girl he's always had a weakness for out of trouble in Sin City, he quickly learns that what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay there. Now he and Lizzie are connected in the deepest way possible...but will it lead to a connection of the heart?

Stage Dive Series Reading Order
Lick (Book One)
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Play (Book Two)
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Lead (Book Three)
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Deep (Book Four)

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About the Author:
Kylie is a long time fan of erotic love stories and B-grade horror films. She demands a happy ending and if blood and carnage occur along the way then all the better. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and one delightful husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.

Kylie is represented by Amy Tannenbaum at the Jane Rotrosen Agency, New York.

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Author Hot Seat Welcomes - Grace Marshall

The hot seat is very excited to have Grace Marshall here today, Grace is an Amazon best seller with her Executive Decision trilogy and has now expanded that series to include Wade's story. As well as the hot seat interview we have an excerpt from the new book and at the end of the blog a competition that Grace is running as part of her tour.  At the end of the Interviewing Wade Blog Tour, Grace Marshall is giving away a $50/£30 Amazon gift card. All you have to do to enter is use the Rafflecopter at the end of the post to gain entries.
 Now, enough of the preliminaries, lets see what Grace has to say.

Getting Started:

Tell us about your latest book. What was your inspiration for writing it, is it part of an ongoing series, the characters, the genre etc?

First of all, Jan, I’d like to thank you so much for hosting me on the Interviewing Wade Blog Tour and Giveaway. It’s a pleasure to be here and to talk about my reluctant hero.

Actually, I’m SO excited to finally be able to share Wade’s story! Ever since An Executive Decision, the first of Grace Marshall’s Executive Decisions books, came out with Ellis and Dee’s story, readers, who loved the novel were clambering for reclusive, nerd genius, Wade Crittenden’s story. And to be honest, I seriously doubted that Wade would allow me to unlock his secrets and tell his tale. Three books in, and while the readers loved the Executive Decisions books and the reviews were excellent, the unanimous opinion was that everyone wanted Wade’s story.

Wade is the creative genius behind the fabulously progressive, green company, Pneuma, Inc, which he and Ellison Thorne founded together with the late Beverly Neumann.  He is socially challenged and he could teach most recluses a thing or two. While Ellis and Dee work in the light-filled, glass and steel executive suites of the Pneuma Building, which Wade designed, Wade’s realm is the extensive basement and sub-floors of the building affectionately called by everyone else Wade’s Dungeon.

What happens when the Northwest’s most intriguing, and richest recluse reluctantly agrees to be interviewed by the Northwest’s most talented investigative journalist, Carla Flannery? Carla always gets her story, but sometimes that means making enemies. Wade’s ulterior motive for allowing the interview is to keep her safe by keeping her close when her life is threatened by an unknown stalker. And OMG, do the sparks sizzle when the two are forced into each other’s space up close and personal!

About your writing:

How many books have you written during your career so far and which is your favorite?

Interviewing Wade is my 11th novel, the 4th written as Grace Marshall. Grace’s novels are a little softer on the erotica than K D’s, but still with LOTS of sizzle, and heavier on the romance. As for my favourite, well it’s always whatever one I’m working on at the time. Though I have to say I’ve had more fun writing Wade’s story, and have had more surprises thrown at me by the characters than in any other novel I’ve ever written.

Have any of your books received negative reviews and how did you handle the situation?

Every writer gets negative reviews. The only way to avoid them is not to write. Of course I have to stroke my ego by saying that I don’t get many bad reviews, but yes, I do get them. In the beginning, I took it personally when I got one. I would do some real soul-searching to see if there was anything useful in the negative review and if my writing was at fault. 99% of the time the negative review was down to the reader’s personal dislike of something. I got a 1-star review once on a BDSM site for not having any BDSM in one of my paranormal novels, which was clearly labeled paranormal erotic romance, with absolutely NO BDSM in it at all … Too much sex, too little sex, dangerous sex, didn’t ‘get it.’ Those are the complaints most erotica writers get most often. For the most part, I’ve stopped looking at reviews. My husband does that for me, and he screens them. I can’t do anything about the bad ones, and I know the quality of my writing, so best to strive to write the best I can and make it my policy to do my part to make sure each novel is better than the one before.

Do you believe in writer’s block and if so, how do you overcome it?

I don’t get writers’ block. In fact my problem is the opposite. I have way more novels in my head than I’ve got time to write. I’m thinking I’ll have to live to be about 130 to manage it all, and that’s IF I don’t get any more ideas … J

What is the one genre you would never write and why?

Though I boarder on horror in some parts of my paranormal writing, I could never write classical horror and I could never write crime centered around serial killers. Because I can’t walk away from a story once I start working on it, and I live, eat, sleep and dream it until it’s finished, I don’t want serial killers and things that go bump in the night being my constant companions for six months at a time.

Have you ever written a book that you’ve regretted publishing and why?

Nope! Never. I have regretted that I had such a limited word-count on several though. I would have loved to have expanded the story and given it more depth.

If a reader said they wanted to write a book, what advice would you give them? 

Knock yourself out! At the least, it’ll be an interesting and insightful experiment, at the most perhaps they’ll find their passion and never look back. BUT they should be warned, writing is a very hard task mistress and definitely not for the faint of heart.

About you:

Tell us what a typical day in your life is like?

I get up around 6:30 and have a leisurely breakfast with my husband. I either go for a walk in the countryside or I go to the gym and work out. I write till lunch time, then do PR while I have my lunch and try to catch up on any social media goings on that have happened while I was occupied. Then I write until it’s time to start dinner. IF the deadline is particularly tight, I write after dinner until bedtime. In between I fit little bits and starts of time for reading, which I find essential to my creativity.

What sort of things put you in a bad mood?

Nothing puts me in a worse mood than having my schedule disrupted or having my time wasted.

Do you have a bucket list and what’s one thing you still want to do that you haven’t done?

I’ve got lots of things I want to do, but I’ve never really thought of them as a bucket list. And nothing really stands out in my mind as more significant than anything else. I’d like to do the Coast to Coast walk across England again, and I’d like to finish walking all the Wainwright fells in the Lake District. I’m only about halfway through the 214 at the moment. 

What makes you laugh?

My husband. He has a wicked sense of humor and he knows that I’m very guilty of taking myself too seriously. He’s the cure for that.

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

Once in a restaurant, in a very exuberant conversation, (I use my hands a lot when I talk) I knocked my glass of beer over and splashed it all down the back of an elderly Chinese gentleman sitting at the next table. I was mortified. He was very gracious and forgiving, thankfully.

Do you like to read and what are you reading at the moment?

I LOVE to read! Can’t imagine not doing it. I’ve just started American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

If you couldn’t write anymore, what would you do instead?

Become a recluse and do nothing but walk all day and read all night.

Fun Stuff:

If you could go out with one famous person who would it be and why?

I’ve never had a desire to go out with a famous person because I can’t imagine it ever being anything but awkward … though no doubt, there’s a story in that J

Do you have a habit that drives your partner/friends/family nuts and what is it?

Of course not! My husband has broken me of all of my bad habits, as I have him ;-)

In your opinion, what makes a person attractive?

Intelligence, respect for other people, enthusiasm, curiosity, imagination.

What is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?

Sheep’s brains. Not too bad, but not something I can’t easily live without.

Would you rather have a classic 1969 convertible Mustang or have the use of a beach side condo any time you want?

Ooooh! Can I have both, please???? Oh, alright L If I have to choose, I’d take the condo because I could go there and read and walk on the beach and be a recluse whenever I wanted.

And finally:

Would you rather survive an apocalyptic event (yes, even a zombie apocalypse) or die instantly without knowing what happened to your family and friends?

Lights out for me! Don’t want to hang out after the apocalypse with a bunch of zombies, thank you very much!

Thanks for sitting in the hot seat today, Grace, it's been a pleasure hosting you as part of the Interviewing Wade Blog Tour. Now let's take a sneak peek at the book.

By K D Grace
Writing as Grace Marshall

The Executive Decisions Trilogy may be over, but the story continues. Intrepid reporter, Carla Flannery, wants to interview Wade Crittenden, the secretive creative genius behind Pneuma Inc. But when, against all odds, Wade actually agrees to the interview, Carla suspects ulterior motives.
Carla has made a lot of enemies in her work and when Wade discovers she’s being stalked, he agrees to the interview to keep her close and safe. As the situation turns deadly, lives and hearts are on the line, and the interview reveals far more about both than either ever expected.

Carla nodded to the chair opposite her and Wade sat down cautiously. She offered a dry smile and spoke around a mouthful of toast. ‘Chair’s not booby-trapped, food’s not poisoned. My security system’s not that good.’

When he made no reply but savoured a forkful of eggs, she joined him in devouring the feast, satisfied that after the first bite, he shovelled it in with as much relish and lack of delicate table manners as she did. With her, eating was always done in a hurry to get on with what was always way more work than she had time for, unless she was settling in for a meal with her father. She suspected he cooked for her especially for that reason. And as she watched Wade stuff half a slice of toast into his mouth in one go, she figured he was probably the same, with no one to make sure he got a good meal from time to time. Though possibly Ellis invited him over occasionally, or maybe Harris Walker and his new wife, Stacie Emerson. Apparently her culinary skills were spoken about in hush tones. Strange, but it felt good to be able to offer something to Wade, even if the idiot did show up at three in the morning

‘Good,’ he said, at last, covering his full mouth with the paper towel she’d given him in lieu of the napkins she didn’t have.

‘Thanks. You think this is good, you should see me make Pop Tarts.

‘I like Pop Tarts,’ he said.

‘The secret is,’ she leaned across the table, ‘you’ve got to get the toaster set just right. And then afterwards,’ he leaned closer with wrapped attention, ‘afterwards I put butter on ‘em and stick ‘em in the microwave until it melts.’

Wade’s eyes were huge and very green in the kitchen lighting. He looked dead serious, as though she had just given him her secret for cold fusion. ‘I never thought about melting the butter on them in the microwave,’ he said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. ‘But I find that I do like mine so that the little pastry edges are just beginning to get almost too brown.’

Christ! Were they actually talking about Pop Tarts? She laughed. ‘I like ‘em almost burnt, but I know that’s a matter of personal taste. My Dad likes his just barely warm.’
He lowered his head and went back to shoveling eggs.

She popped the last of her bacon into her mouth and spoke around it. ‘So tell me, is Fort Flannery as unassailable as my father assured me, or are we in need of an upgrade?’

He drained his glass of orange juice and pushed back from the table. ‘Your father did a good job. I didn’t have to do hardly anything.’

‘He’ll be glad to hear that,’ she said. ‘Sorry you had to waste your valuable time in the wee hours. I know how busy you are.’

‘Yes, well, it was on my mind. If you’ll let me see your Android, I’ll give it a little upgrade too.’

‘Will I be able to watch Russian porn on it?’ she asked.

‘Japanese and Chinese porn as well, if you like.’ There was that quirk of a smile that she really would love to eat right off his face.

‘And I’ll assume you’ve given it a test-drive.’

To her delight, the smile didn’t disappear, even though the blush was hot on those chiseled cheeks. ‘I’m my own best guinea pig.’

‘Wade Crittenden, that borders on too much information, but in the interest of consumer protection and all, I thank you.’ The blush grew, but the smile stayed put as she offered him a salute and went into her bedroom to get the device.

She returned to find that he’d shed his hoodie and was filling the sink with soapy water, his broad back mantling the counter like a giant bird of prey. For a second her stomach bottomed at the sight of Wade Crittenden doing dishes at her sink. She stood, Android crushed to her chest, feeling flushed and slightly off-balance. His t-shirt was a loose fit, misshapen and short in the back from too many washings for something that should have migrated to the rag drawer some time ago, and when he reached across the sink to add still more soap, the shirt rode up to reveal the slim line of his back and the muscles where his hips joined his torso just above the swell of his buttocks. The baggy jeans gave enough of an intimation of that swelling to leave Carla breathless and hot enough to want to throw off her own hoodie and splash herself with the soapy water in which he was nearly elbow-deep.

As though he sensed her watching, he turned, slopped water down the front of his shirt and onto his jeans and uttered a surprised curse.

Without thinking she rushed to his side, dropping the device on the table. ‘You don’t have to do that,’ she managed, in a breathless gasp. ‘Sometimes I go for weeks without ever washing so much as a coffee cup.’ She stretched around him, grabbed for a dish towel and offered it to him instead of patting him dry herself, which was what she really wanted to do.

He reached for the towel, holding her gaze. ‘You cook for me, I do the clean-up for you. Fair’s fair.’ His hand slid into the cloth and around her fingers as he drew it to his chest. His breath caught, his lips parted as though to speak, and God help her, she couldn’t resist, she leaned into him on tippy-toe and planted a kiss firmly on his mouth. She only meant for it to be a friendly peck, a way of saying thanks for checking up on her and for doing the dishes, but his other hand, covered with soapy water, swooped in and grabbed the front of her hoodie reeling her to him. Then he curled his fingers in the tangle of her wild hair and cradled the back of her head, pulling her still further up on her toes. ‘Oh God,’ he whispered, his tongue darting deep, his lips, soft and hard and bruising all at the same time, meeting hers in a clash of wills and a heroic effort to get closer and deeper. ‘Oh God, Carla, why did you do that,’ he gasped against her mouth.

‘Just being friendly,’ she managed, before the tongue sparring got serious. He gave the towel a toss and yanked down the zipper of her hoodie, shoving it off onto the floor, his hands skimming her breasts in his efforts, thumbs lingering to rake her nipples that were already painful in their peaking. His jeans might have been loose, but they were not loose enough to disguise his erection, and he didn’t seem to care. Both hands slid to cup her bottom and he lifted her, settling her onto the kitchen table, pushing her legs apart with his knees and moving in between her thighs as she went to work on his fly.

‘I have lots of friends, ‘ he breathed. ‘None of them do that to me.’

‘How about this,’ she said biting his lower lip and sliding her hand down inside his boxers. ‘Do they do this?’

‘No,’ he returned the nip. ‘Never, none of them.’ For a second he faltered. ‘Carla, I –’

‘Shut up, Wade. I don’t wanna hear it.’ This time she bit his tongue before she took his hand and guided it down into her baggy sweat bottoms and into her own boxers.

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About K D Grace/Grace Marshall

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, and a proud member of The Brit Babes, K D Grace believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she is, otherwise, what would she write about?
When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening. When she’s not gardening, she’s walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband have walked Coast to Coast across England, along with several other long-distance routes. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She also enjoys martial arts, reading, watching the birds and anything that gets her outdoors.
KD has erotica published with SourceBooks, Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Erotic Review, Ravenous Romance, Sweetmeats Press and others.
K D’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiationof Ms Holly, Fulfilling theContract, The Pet Shop. Her paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Witches trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on VioletBlue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011. Books two and three, Riding the Ether, and Elemental Fire, are now also available.
K D Grace also writes hot romance as Grace Marshall. An Executive Decision, Identity Crisis, The Exhibition are all available.

Find Grace Marshall/ K D Grace Here: 


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