About Me

When I explain to people I meet that I am an author of erotic romance, the reactions vary.  I'm often greeted with an excited exclamation of really?  Other reactions include giggling, blushing and my least favorite response, the sexual innuendo, which I tend to ignore.

I started writing with the desire to be published in late 2010. My first book went on sale at the end of 2011 and even though I didn't expect the publishing train to leave the station so soon, I've enjoyed the ride so far. I haven't had any regrets about my decision to write and despite some personal hiccups along the way, the list of my published works continues to expand. All the while, I continue to learn and grow in all aspect of my writing and life in general. 

Even though my writing falls under the erotic romance banner, I write a variety of genres including contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and BDSM. Something for everyone, I hope.

I live in Australia and, just like my books, I fit into many categories. I am a writer, friend, submissive, orphan, widow, sister, aunt, and sometimes, a wild child. I believe in experiencing everything life has to offer and in being the best person I can be...despite any hiccups the universe may throw my way.

I'm grateful I have the opportunity to give the characters that constantly swirl around my head their own voice, by putting them down on paper. I hope they will entertain you as much as they amuse me.

More information about what I’m up to and general nonsense can be uncovered if you visit my website http://www.jangraham.com.au