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Edible Delights Vol 2 Author Highlight - Seanna Smythe

Never on a Sundae
Guest post by Seanna Smythe

Delicious delights you've dreamed of, but Never on a Sundae. Would his beloved Evie cater for the kind of party Aidan had in mind?

Thank you, Jan, for having me on your blog to chat about my inspiration for Never on a Sundae. First up, I’d like to say how honoured I am to have my name on the cover of the Edible Delights Volume Two anthology with four amazing women who are not only talented writers but also treasured friends. My heartfelt thanks goes to the Erotic Writers of Australia group who always make me smile, provide me with inspiration and of course, plenty of eye candy. You guys ‘n girls rock!

Now…on to Aidan and Evie, and what inspired their story. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I have a problem. I burn water. Quite often, the only good part of my cooking is the arrival of hunky firefighters. So Aidan and Evie had no choice but to go with a frozen dessert in Never on a Sundae. My mind immediately went to ice cream and chocolate sauce. There’s nothing like the creamy coolness of ice cream melting on hot tongues, blending with full-bodied chocolate sauce and followed by the tart taste of ripe strawberries…*sigh* but these two needed more than ice cream to bring them together. They needed to be shown why they belonged together like ice cream and chocolate sauce and I needed to help them do it.

I do my best thinking on the back of a motorbike when I’m alone in my head with only the roar of the engine in my ears and the scenic countryside flashing by. So I found myself plotting Aidan and Evie’s story on the back of a Kawasaki 900 Custom Vulcan at the end of winter, in sub-zero temperatures, on a 250km round trip to York via Beverley, Western Australia.  My only desire at the end of the ride was for a huge mug of hot chocolate to wrap my hands around. Evie had other ideas…

Riding pillion with someone you’re close to and trust is like dancing. Your bodies move in unison as you lean to take a bend, your grip tightens around the rider’s waist and you huddle closer as he gives it full throttle on the straight. Adrenalin races through your blood and your heart beats in time with the engine. As you fly down the straight, the wind slaps at your body bringing every nerve end to life and blows away the cobwebs in your mind. Every part of your body is glued to the rider in front, thigh to thigh, chest to back, and everything in between. No wonder Evie was looking for more than a mug of chocolate at the end of the ride.

On their long bike ride, Aidan and Evie learn more about each other than they bargained for—where lust ends and love begins. With the help of a chocolate sundae, these two create a recipe that melts ice cream.

Blurb: NEVER ON A SUNDAE by Seanna Smythe

The sign advertised catering for parties, but he doubted they catered for the kind of party he had in mind…Evie is running away from love and when things get a little too hot with Sydney-sider, Aidan, she disappears to Newcastle to buy an ice-cream parlor, Never on a Sundae. But fate conspires against her, and she finds herself out of business and places to run.

As she’s wrapping up things up, Aidan rides into town on his Harley looking for a unique idea for an ice cream cake for his brother’s bachelor party. He’s been searching for months for the only woman who can do wicked things with chocolate…and his heart. 

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