Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bohemian Rhapsody

For those of you who don't know anything about me, the second quarter of 2012 sucked. It was a twelve week nightmare I don't ever want to repeat. I learnt a few good lessons though and here they no particularly order.
  • If you've got a shit load of bad Karma accrued, then death will not be a peaceful process for you.
  • All your friends will tell you "if you need anything, all you have to do is ask" but 98% of them don't mean it.
  • People you hardly know will show you amazing random acts of kindness that leave you weeping and with a renewed sense of knowing there are nice people in the world.
  • You were right to believe that the only person you can truly count on is yourself.
  • Even though all you want to do is sit in a corner and can't fit it into your schedule.
  • The only way to move forward is to take one step at a time.
In accordance with the last lesson mentioned I'm now walking forward. I am, in a sense, rebooting my life.

I must say the reboot process is interesting. I started by moving house (way to go me, add more stress to an already shitful time.) I moved out of the house Shane and I shared and rented myself a one bedroom flat in the city. Mind you it's a city three hours from where I lived before. My best friend tells me the flat is not an old hovel with freeloading cockroaches that just refuse to move out, no matter how much spray I use or insect baits I scatter around. According to her, the little flat is a Bohemian artists retreat that will inspire my creativity. I guess it's all about perspective really.  Anyway, I have decided to embrace this Bohemian lifestyle that the universe  unceremoniously  thrusted me into...but what exactly does that mean?

According to the all knowing wikepedia it means this:

...the non-traditional lifestyles of marginalized and impoverished artists, writers, journalists, musicians, and actors in major European cities. Bohemians were associated with unorthodox or anti-establishment political or social viewpoints, which were often expressed through free love, frugality and — in some cases — voluntary poverty...

Surprisingly, without even trying I think I can put a tick next to most categories.
  • Non-traditional lifestyle: I'm often referred to as eccentric, slightly left of centre and I'm involved in the BDSM scene...check.
  • Marginalised: maybe, maybe not...more than likely not...un-check
  • Impoverished writer: That is sooo covered. Unfortunately, at the moment I'm far from affluent as a result of being an author...that's a big check.
  • Unorthodox, anti-establishment viewpoints: Well my family always referred to me as the rebel so I guess that would be a...check.
  • Free love: Yes, I've never charged anyone for sex so (lol)...check.
  • Frugality: Frugal by necessity rather than design, I would never live in voluntary poverty but I still meet the requirement...check.

Some of my behaviors and experiences lately may also reflect this new Bohemianism. I've gone drinking with the girls (Okay, I didn't just drink I got shit-faced drunk...damn you Mr Daniels.) I pole danced at the pub (refer to the shit-faced bit above). I've been called a Ho because I mentioned on facebook I was checking out the sexy builders across the road (apparently the now FB un-friend thought that was inappropriate since Shane was dead). Finally, I've totally embraced the cafe lifestyle, one of the benifits of city living. Oh, and I now walk everywhere instead of driving.

Yep, it appears I am definitely embracing the lifestyle, even if it's unintentionally. 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Romance Lives Forever: Jan Graham Interview: Playing Jax

Win a ebook copy of Playing Jax over at RLF. Romance Lives Forever: Jan Graham Interview: Playing Jax: Playing Jax. Welcome to Romance Lives Forever, Jan . Let’s talk about your book, Playing Jax . We’ll start with the basics, and then...

Friday, 10 August 2012

Erotic Badlib Blog Hop and Giveaway

What an ineresting Blog hop this will be, I can't wait to see what the participants have done with the story we were give. Let me explain how this works. There is a story listed below that all participants had to complete, the story was missing vital nouns, verbs, adverbs etc. It was a fill in the blanks kind of thing.

So enjoy the little treat below, we had to make it as naughty as possible, hopefully I've succeeded.

Badlibs Story

            Damian glared across the room. His dominant stance made Libby weak. His trousers bulged. His impressively masculine posture made her fear swell. He was so imposing that he made her feel minuscule in comparison. His piercing eyes consumed with emotion.
            “Get over here, Libby. I want to claim your body, and can’t stop myself from feeding on your arousal.” He moved forward, making her breathing quicken considerably.
            “Oh, Damian. Be patient with me. I haven’t had casual sex in so long.” Libby trembled.  Her eyes slid closed and her head fell back.
            His finger touched her mouth and drew a gasp from her lips. A calloused hand stroked her mound making her shameless desire increase. With two fingers, he entered her cunt. She couldn’t stop the groan from escaping her lips.
            “Lay back, Libby. Let me lick your pussy. I want you hotter than hell before I slam my cock in your hole.” He grinned wickedly.
            She moaned, nodding. She thrust her hips upward and growled deep in her throat. “Anything you want, Damian. I want to feel your stiff cock so badly I can barely stand it.”
            A shiver skated down her spine at the feel of his hardness invading her. Sensations like a thunder storm moved through her. She could feel the building tempest start with a quivering in her channel. She looked up into his face. His brilliant eyes glazed with arousal. His powerful erection pressed deeply into her cunt. She could feel his rampant lust. His increased speed caused her body to writhe against the bed. A sound, like a growling tiger vibrated in her chest. She knew she was going to come. All she needed was his cock pounding her harder.
            With a final scream she ricocheted off into bliss. Her muscles tensed, her hole tightened and her eyes closed on the feeling of his hardness sinking repeatedly into her.

 The Giveaway:

 I'm giving away a copy of Playing Jax, my latest book in the Wylde Shore Series. To win the ebook simply join my blog site, leave a comment and email address. If your already a member of the site just comment and email address will see you entered. The winner will be picked randomly at the end of the blog and winners will be notified by email as well as having their name posted at the end of this post.

Good luck and don't forget to visit the other participating authors to read their version of Damien and Libby's story.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Labelle Books: A Giveaway & A Little Piece of Jan Graham

Visit Labelle Book for your chance to win on of my Cougar novella's.

Labelle Books: A Giveaway & A Little Piece of Jan Graham:

A Little Piece of Me by Jan Graham While participating in a reader and author chat recently I was asked if I wrote about real life situat...