Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Truth or Dare Tuesday with Jan Graham

Well the festive season is over and it's back to the regular everyday stuff of life. That means Truth or Dare Tuesday is back...yay. I realize for my followers in Australia It's already halfway through Tuesday but give a woman a break, it's over 40 degrees out there today. For my American friends that well on it's way to 109 degrees in Fahrenheit. Yep It's scorching.

Anyway, enough about how hot I am :)

Today we have our first dare...yay. Unfortunately it's me doing the dare so please don't be disappointed. Let me explain how this came about.

I know an extraordinary woman by the name of Shan Watts. She is not only a good friend but owner of an inspirational website - creating connections. At the end of 2012 Shan interviewed me and while discussing my blog, Truth or Dare in particular, the sneaky woman challenged me to do one of my dares. So I said sure, why not. 

You see I had a plan. My challenge was to do an impromptu pole dance in a public place and over Christmas I had a few parties to go to and decided it would be easy to pole dance in front of some kinky friends take a pic and then - fait accompli - dare completed. you know the saying abut the best laid plans, well that applied to the dare. At the party there we NO POLES I could use, not even on the porch or outdoor area. I had to go to plan B, which of course I didn't have. Luckily for all of you another opportunity arose.

My good friend, I call her S asked me to go with her and her biker hubby to the 34th Annual Bikers Christmas Toy Run. Oh yes...I did. At the largest and longest running Biker event in Newcastle, Australia, I did my pole dance. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, in fact nervous probably doesn't describe it. I had fun at the event, contemplated my options, checked out some hot looking tattoo covered leather wearing hunks and then decided it was now or never. So dressed appropriately in my Little Miss Naughty T-shirt, black skirt fishnet stocking and black boots (low heels so I didn't fall over) I found a friendly looking light post. I must say at this point, thank you to the lovely leather clad gentleman who parked his bike near a vacant pole so I could have a photographic backdrop :) 

S armed herself with the camera and I began. I can't put most of the pictures on here because they are of me laughing hysterically while trying to wrap my legs around around a rather ample post (don't be rude). I drew a small amount of attention, mostly just odd stares, a few whistles and comments I can't repeat.  There was one fellow who rod past along the path and stated in a very stern voice "that's enough of that behavior young lady."  

I was pleased he thought I was young :)

So, here it is. Proof of the first dare on Truth or Dare Tuesday, me pole dancing at the 34th Annual Bikers Toy run in Newcastle, NSW. Oh and I need to think up a really good pay back dare for my friend Shan...any suggestions?

How embarrassing...lol

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Secret Cravings Second Anniversary Cruise

Wow two years and still growing. Secret Cravings Publishing (SCP) is holding their second anniversary celebrations this weekend. Thirty authors are going on a virtual cruise around the world and stating their cruise destination on each of their blogs. There are prizes galore, from not only SCP, but also each participating author. I'm giving away an ebook copy of each of my cougar novellas, yep all four to one lucky winner. Below you'll find the blurb for each of the four titles, so you know what you're in for if you win. All you need to do to go in the draw for my books is comment on this blog and if you aren't already a follower then please follow the blog. My winner will be chosen on Tuesday, January 8th and notified via email so be sure to leave a valid email address with you're comment. If your email is sent back to me as not valid a new winner will be chosen. 

To be eligible for the major prize draw with Secret Cravings you need to answer or match a minimum of 25 of the 30 authors to their chosen cruise locations. The list of participating authors can be found on the SCP blog -http://secretcravingspublishing.blogspot.com/ once you have your answers email them to the beautiful Dawne. the email address is  reviewcoordinator@secretcravingspublishing.com 

The SCP prizes are 

Grand Prize- iPad2

First place- Kindle Fire
Second Place- $50 SCP gift card
Third place- $25 SCP gift card

Well, while you read the blurbs for my four Cougar novellas I'm heading for my cruise destination... MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA.

Good Luck everyone and Happy Anniversary Secret Cravings Publishing.

The Sydney Cougar Series, available from the Hot Flash titles at SCP...buy now.

Zeke Munroe is twenty eight, owns a nightclub called Rubens and has found the woman of his dreams. She’s older, she’s sexy and she’s driving him nuts. He can’t find the right time to introduce himself and make his move, until she walks through the door of his club. 
Jasmine Page is thirty nine she’s an events organizer and Rubens is the hottest new venue in the city. When she goes to check the venue out Jasmine discovers she’s in a Cougar Club. The men are young, the women mature and the owner of Rubens is the closest thing to perfection she’s ever seen.
Zeke and Jasmine need to overcome preconceived notions, miscommunication and an eleven year age difference in order to see if sexual heat and passion can turn into a meaningful relationship.

Justin Davies is twenty-eight. He manages Rubens nightclub, affectionately referred to as The Cougar Club. His life is good, except for one thing. A sexy little cougar has dumped him and Justin wants her back. He knows she is the only woman that can make his life complete, he also believes he can do the same for her. When Justin recruits some friends to help him catch his commitment phobic cougar, the fun begins.
Katie Swayne is thirty eight, an artist who’s finally started to achieve the success she always dreamed of. She doesn’t need anything to interfere with that, especially a relationship. Katie’s rule when it comes to men is, love them and leave them, never get emotionally involved. Then she met Justin Davies. Once Katie realized she cared for Justin, she didn’t merely walk away. Katie ran, as fast as she could, determined to never look back. 

Isabelle O’Connor never considered herself the type of woman who needed a knight in shining armor to come and rescue her, until one does. Well he’s more a knight in blue jeans and white shirt. After all, it is modern times. Unfortunately, her perfect hero has a flaw... he’s a cop.  Isabelle decided years ago never to become involved with a police officer again, and she isn’t going to change her mind now.
Mark Dean loves being a cop. He also loves the hot redhead he rescued from a creep’s unwanted attention at a local nightclub. Mark knows that before he can gain Isabelle’s affection he has to convince her of something. Being a cop has nothing to do with her reluctance to date him. Isabelle’s heart never healed after the death of her husband and Mark makes it his mission to help heal this feisty Cougar’s heart.

Susan Dean didn’t have any idea that taking a job at her brother’s law firm would change her life. Then she met junior partner Blake Daniel’s. They are complete opposites. Blake is young, confident, dominant and determined to claim anything he wants in life. Not that he’d want a woman who turns into a clumsy, nervous wreck that can barely string a sentence together when he’s in the same room as her, or would he?
Blake is a patient man, and it’s a good thing he is because waiting for Susan Dean is driving him to distraction. The attraction between them is obvious. He turns her into a horny mess everytime they’re in the same room, not that Susan appears ready to admit that fact. Once Blake decides it’s time to make a move on his voluptuous co-worker, Susan will have no option but to submit to his seductive demands.