Tuesday, 24 July 2012

International BDSM Day

For those of you who aren't aware of it, the 24th of July is International BDSM Day. It's been around since 2003, I don't know much about the history of the day but I have heard the date was chosen to represent the 24/7 aspect of the BDSM lifestyles. A very clever date to choose if you ask me.

There's never really a lot of publicity about the day, unlike other international days, which draw all sorts of media and community attention. However, it's still a day to celebrate. It's a day to be proud of who you are and what you like. It doesn't matter if you only practice when you can or you're firmly entrenched in the lifestyle, today is a special day. There is such diversity within the Kink community, which is one of the things I love about being part of it. In my experience there's also acceptance, respect, and understanding - both of individuality and the preference for how people practice their kink. For a lifestyle that's often demonised in the media and misunderstood by the wider vanilla community, I think we get a lot of things right with the way we treat each other.

So, no matter how you enjoy your BDSM, kink or particular fetish, whether you are fully emerged in the lifestyle, practice it occasionally or just like to read about it in a BDSM romance, determine to do something special today. After all, it's a day to celebrate.

If you're stuck for ideas on things to do, here's a few suggestions.
  • Go corset or toy shopping with your kinky friends.
  • Walk up to a stranger and ask if can you spank their ass in celebration of International BDSM Day.
  • Go to the races to watch the public display of cropping.
  • Visit your local hardware store and get the sales assistant to help you choose a new suspension system to install in your dungeon.
  • Invite your vanilla friends over for morning tea and serve cupcakes with BDSM symbol icing.
  • Go to the local police station and ask if you can buy a set of handcuffs.
  • Do the housework in your sexy french maids outfit.
  • Take your toy-boy to the local pet store and buy him a new collar and lead.  
  • Read a BDSM erotic romance novel.
  • When your boss gives you an instruction reply 'Yes, Sir' in honor of the day.
  • Be a brat to everyone.
The possibilities are endless.... :)

If you don't like any of the suggestions above, what are you doing to mark International BDSM Day?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Secret Cravings Summer Scavenger Hunt

There's nothing like feel of warm sun on your skin as you sit on a comfortable chair and read a book written by your favourite author. Unfortunately, while everyone in the northern hemisphere is doing just that, I'm snuggled up in front of a heater dressed head to toe in body covering jumper and jeans. Yes, it's winter in Australia but that isn't going to stop me from participating in the Secret Cravings Summer Scavenger Hunt. After all, I'm an author so I have a good imagination. I can visualise myself on a beach, cocktail in hand, relaxing next to my incredibly hunky, shirtless male-sex-god who's only job is to sensually rub suntan lotion into my skin when needed. Well, there may be other reqirements in his job description, but I can't mention them here. I'll leave that you your imagination.

I hope you all enjoy the scavenger hunt. To enter the major prize draw here is what you do:
  • Find the summer picture I've posted somewhere on my blog and make a not of what it is.
  • Visit the Secret Cravings Blog by clicking here to find out who else is participating or scroll down to the bottom of this post for the list.
  • Visit all the other blog participants to find their picture as well. Make a list of what summer picture is for each author.
  • Email your answer list to secretcravingspublishing@yahoo.com by Monday to be included in the draw.
Yes, it's a different style of blog hop to the ones I'm used to participating in and I hope it's a bit of weekend fun for everyone.

I'm also offering a giveaway as part of the Blog hop. If you comment on this post and also sign up to follow my blog then you'll go in the draw to win a PDF copy of Seducing a Cougar.

Excerpt - Seducing a Cougar (click here to purchase)
It didn’t take a genius to ascertain Susan’s attraction to him. Her flushed skin and shallow breaths in response to his touch indicated such. What he didn’t understand was the obvious nervousness toward him. He hoped it would ease over time and put it down to the fact she wasn’t ready to enter into any sort of relationship just yet. After all, the separation from her husband was a fairly recent thing. She’d need time to recover, to sort her feelings out. Blake was prepared to give her that, but he also wanted to leave her in no doubt that when she was ready to move forward he was interested in being the man she moved forward with.
“It’s just over here on the right.” Susan indicated the driveway of her brother, John Dean’s home. 
Blake would save the discussion that he was a partner at her brother’s law firm for another time. Tonight was about making an impression she wouldn’t easily forget. As Susan rummaged through her purse, presumably looking for her house keys, he exited the car and walked around to open the passenger door. As he escorted her to the entry of her flat, located at the side of the Dean’s home, he resisted the urge to lower his hand from the small of her back onto her lushly rounded ass. She was definitely a woman who had a bottom designed for spanking and one fleshy enough to mark nicely with a few strikes of his cane.
“Thank you for driving me home.” Susan spoke nervously as she fumbled to get the key into the lock. “I’m fine to take it from here.”
Blake stood close behind her, intentionally crowding her toward the door. He reached his hand over her shoulder and placed it over hers, assisting her trembling hand to successfully slide the key into the lock. He then tightened his grip on her fingers, preventing her from turning the key. She braced her free hand on the frame of the door as he wrapped his arm around her waist and held her firmly against his body.
“Are you sure you wouldn’t like me to tuck you into bed and kiss you goodnight, Susan?” He whispered the words into her ear and felt a shudder run through her body as he exhaled a slow stream of warm breath to caress her neck.
Susan shook her head. “I can’t.”
“I know, I heard you tell Justin at the club. You’re not ready.” Blake ran his hand upward over her midriff before cupping her breast. He felt the tightened bud of her nipple through the fabric, and pressed it into his palm as he gently squeezed her flesh.
Her breathy moan encouraged him, as did her head falling back to rest on his shoulder, and her bottom pressing onto the erection beneath his trousers as she arched against him. He removed his hand from over hers and swiftly positioned it to cup her mound, pressing her skirt between her legs and pulling her harder against the stiffness between his legs. He pinched the peaked nipple beneath her clothing as she began to squirm against the hand between her legs.
“Blake, why are you…” the low moan that rose from within her caused his cock to flinch with demand.  He’d made his point.
He moved both hands to rest firmly on her hips. 
“I want you to remember who I am, Susan.” He ensured the tone of his voice was firm because he wanted her to know that he expected her to comply with his demand. “When you’re ready, I expect you to come for me, do you understand?”
“Yes.” Her breathless reply caused him to smile. So did the fact that she stood with her hands still braced against the door.
“That’s my good girl.” The sharp slap he placed on her ass as he prepared to walk away, caused her to squeal and spin around. The arousal in her eyes spoke an undeniable truth. “Yes, you like that don’t you?”
Susan didn’t need to say a word. He could see the answer written all over her horny body and her beautifully blushed face.

Participating Authors:
Avril Ashton http://avril-ashton.blogspot.com/
Julie Darcy http://www.julieadarcy.com/
Jean Joachim www.jeanjoachimbooks.com
Sandy Sullivan http://www.romancestorytime.com
Jan Graham http://jangraham.blogspot.com/
Davee Jones http://finless.blogspot.com/
Imogene Nix http://www.imogenenix.com/
Raine D http://authorrainedelight.com/
Marie Rose DuFour www.marierosedufour.blogspot.com
Natalie Bates http://www.natalienicolebates.com
Melissa Keir http://www.melissakeir.com/
Jillian Chantal http://jillianchantal.com/
Kerrianne Coombes http://kerriannecoombes.wordpress.com/summer-scavenger-hunt/
Kellie Kamryn www.kelliekamryn.com
Shannon West http://remyshannon.weebly.com
Tamara Monteau http://www.vampirebookrealm.com/tamara-monteau.html
Cynthia Arsuaga http://cynthiaarsuaga.weebly.com/
Mike Arsuaga http://mikearsuaga.weebly.com/
AJ Best www.ajbestwrites.com
Karen Cino www.karencinobooks.blogspot.com
Cathy Greenfeder www.catherinegreenfeder.vpweb.com/blog
Flossie Benton Rogers http://flossiebentonrogers.wordpress.com
Vanessa Johnston vanessajohnstonwrites.blogspot.com

Update: 24th July 2012: I want to thank everyone who commented for a chance to win my ebook but there can only be one winner and that lucky ducky is... Lisa. 
Congratulations, Lisa. Please check your email to find out how to clain your prize.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Come over for a chat

I'm chatting all day today (15th) over at The Romance Reviews forum. Here's the link to the chat so feel free to drop in and say hello. http://www.theromancereviews.com/forum/index.php?topic=434.0

You do need to join the TRR site (it's free and easy) in order to access the forum but there are lots of things going on over there and it's always an interesting place to peruse. Hope to see you there, come along and ask anything you like, I'll try and answer any questions about my books and my writing as best I can.

Win a copy of Healing a Cougar's Heart

Healing a Cougar's Heart's is having it's day as part of The Romance Reviews Summer Sizzler event. Check out TRR for how to enter and win.

Isabelle O’Connor never considered herself the type of woman who needed a knight in shining armor to come and rescue her, until one does. Well he’s more a knight in blue jeans and white shirt. After all, it is modern times. Unfortunately, her perfect hero has a flaw... he’s a cop.  Isabelle decided years ago never to become involved with a police officer again, and she isn’t going to change her mind now.
Mark Dean loves being a cop. He also loves the hot redhead he rescued from a creep’s unwanted attention at a local nightclub. Mark knows that before he can gain Isabelle’s affection he has to convince her of something. Being a cop has nothing to do with her reluctance to date him. Isabelle’s heart never healed after the death of her husband and Mark makes it his mission to help heal this feisty Cougar’s heart.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

BDSM Unleashed

BDSM certainly has had it's fair share of time in the spotlight recently, most of it due to a book called Fifty Shades of Grey. Whether the saying any publicity is good publicity turns out to be true remains to be seen, but the interest generated within the community of romance readers, publishers and the media may have positive benefits for those of us who write erotic romance, particularly with BDSM themes. 

BDSM isn't new to erotic romance, there are many excellent authors who have been writing BDSM specific romance for years.  It is, however, new in the eyes of many mainstream romance readers and even publishers. Readers who liked the Fifty Shades trilogy are now looking for other authors and books along the same lines, opening up a new reader base for established authors writing within the genre. If demand for more kinky novels continues then it isn't a far cry to see mainstream publishers taking on more authors that write BDSM specific novels. So it's all good I hear you say. A win/win for readers and authors. Maybe not.

The quality of writing in Fifty Shades has already drawn negative attention. It remains to be seen whether the popularity of the books ultimately taints work by other authors with readers assuming all BDSM is of the same quality as Fifty Shades. I hope readers that are interested in BDSM, but weren't happy with the writing style of Fifty Shades seek out quality work by other authors, rather than disregarding the genre all together. As with any fiction, there are good and bad authors out there and popularity doesn't always equal a quality read. Just as readers like and dislike different books, so the quality of writing varies according to each author.

There has also been criticism from feminist groups leveled at the book questioning whether women's rights and the gains made in the area of gender equality are adversely affected by the submissive representation of the female character in the novel.  This accusation has far reaching effects, not just for authors but for those of us that are part of the BDSM community. It's an unwarranted criticism that submissives living the lifestyle have faced for years. All I can hope is that any media exploring this topic seek out members of the BDSM community that can counter the argument articulately and present a positive view of dominance and submission as an individual lifestyle choice. 
I'm glad that The Playroom has put together this blog hop and I'm proud to be part of it. It's not just an event where readers can win a free ebook or two, it's a community of authors and those within the lifestyle presenting a positive view of BDSM writing and offering information to those interested in finding out more about what BDSM really is.

Now for my giveaway... click to follow my blog, leave a comment on this post, along with your email address and go in the draw to win an ebook copy of Playing Jax, the second novel in my Wylde Shore Series.  If you already follow the blog then you still get to go in the draw if you leave a comment on the post.

Also to go in the major draw of the BDSM Unleashed Giveaway visit The Playroom BDSM Authors Blog at The Playroom and comment on one of the posts as part of the blog. You'll also find a list of more than 30 other authors participating in the giveaway, so there are lots of chances to win prizes and lots of informative blogs to read.

Update: 24th July 2012: I want to thank everyone who commented for a chance to win my ebook but there can only be one winner and that lucky ducky is... Sebrina. Congratulations, Sebrina. Please check your email to find out how to claim your prize.

The Playroom authors will post during the hop about their love for the genre. Comments on The Playroom Blog posts will count as entries to win the BDSM UNLEASHED GRAND PRIZES

Below is the list of participating authors for this blog hop. Check them out for changes to stack your reading shelves with lots of prizes.

Friday, 13 July 2012

When Darkness Falls

When darkness falls it liberates the unimaginable. Creatures unseen by the light take ownership of a black domain. A world of shadows, dreams and dark desire replaces what was once seen, once acceptable, once pure. In darkness fears spring to life, loneliness evokes questionable actions and those destined to walk in the light often stray. The unsuspecting succumb to forces older than time itself, unknowingly walking side by side with instigators of sin.  
Copyright © Jan Graham 2012

The name of this blog hop appeals to me. So much so, I decided to included a little snippet (above) from a paranormal romance that's been churning around my head for a while. It's unnamed as yet and the plot is a tricky chameleon that continues to taunt me on a regular basis, but enough of that. Back to the blog hop.

When the Darkness Falls... The title conjures up all sorts of images. For some people those images will be ones of horror, something ominous and scary. For readers of the paranormal genre, something or someone mysterious and exciting (probably with fangs) may fill your mind. For me, I think of something erotic, sensual and seductive. Odd? Maybe. However I can't believe I'm alone in my imaginings.

I write erotic romance. My stories fall within a variety of categories/themes - contemporary romance, romantic suspense, ménage a trio, and BDSM. Ultimately though, I write about desire. Some people might say I write about the darker desires. So far both Finding Angel and Playing Jax, books one and two in the Wylde Shore Series have been the main focus of my BDSM themed writing. Needless to say it came as a surprise to me when the characters for Seducing a Cougar, the fourth novella in the Sydney Cougar Series, turned out to be a Dom and his sub. Some of the other characters in the Sydney Cougar Series have had their kinky moments but none have taken their kink to the next level. In Seducing a Cougar, Blake and Susan go all the way. I'm not just talking a little spank on the ass either, we go darker than that, but you'll have to read it to find out how much darker. 

As part of the When the Darkness Falls Blog Hop and Giveaway you have the chance to win a PDF copy of Seducing a Cougar. Join the site, leave a comment on this post along with a valid email address and you'll go in the draw. The winner will be notified by email and their name will be added to the end of this post at the conclusion of the blog hop.

Update: 24th July 2012: I want to thank everyone who commented for a chance to win my ebook but there can only be one winner and that lucky ducky is... Riane. Congratulations, Riane. Please check your email to find out how to claim your prize.

Don't forget to visit the other participants of the blog check out the link at the side of the page or visit the participant blogs listed below.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Win a copy of Playing Jax

Drop around to The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads event to win a copy of Playing Jax.

Excerpt - Playing Jax

He slid one hand up her thigh, only to still when he reached between her legs.
“You’re not wearing underpants, sweetheart. Why is that?”
“I was waiting for you to come home. I thought you might like it.” He made a low, growling noise beside her neck as he nuzzled his face into her.
“What does not wearing panties indicate to me, darling? Tell me what you hoped I’d do when I found out.” His fingers slipped between her thighs, and he began to slowly press them into the wetness, circling her clit, exploring the opening he’d liberated just the day before. Rhia arched her body toward him in response and tried to compose the words.
“Sex,” she gasped, as a second finger penetrated her. “I hoped we’d have sex.”
“We’re not going to have sex, Rhia.” She whimpered as he removed his fingers from inside her. “I’m going to show you what happens to naughty girls who walk around without panties on.”
“W-what happens?” She watched as he sucked the juice from her body off his fingers.
“I fuck them senseless.” His lips reclaimed hers, his fingers clamped tight in her hair. His other hand cupped her breast and pinched at the nipple beneath the thin cotton dress she wore. He moved his mouth to her neck, laving his tongue over her flesh, biting her neck, and licking away the sting. She suddenly realized he hadn’t devoured her before, because he was consuming her now.
 “I love this short little summer dress. Do you have more of these?”
“Yes, one more. I have one…why?” She couldn’t think, could barely speak. Why on earth was he asking about her dress?
He didn’t answer her. Instead he kissed her once more, another ravenous kiss that made her moan. She knew he was moving them backward, or forward, she didn’t care. The kiss, combined with his hands roving over her body, disoriented her. The arousal pulsed through her, and moisture spilled between her legs. He could take her anywhere, as long as he kept touching her. Steve lifted her slightly, sliding her onto the dining table. Spreading her legs, he stood in between them. He released her lips, and began to move her away from him, lowering her onto the table.
His eyes, filled with a dazed lust, surely resembled hers. As her back connected with the table, his hands moved to the front of her dress. He ripped it open, buttons flying into the air. She let out a cry of surprise, or was it another moan of delight? How could having her clothes torn be so erotic that her pussy clenched in delight? He sucked one nipple firmly into his mouth, the pull so firm it bordered on pain. He ripped the rest of the dress down the middle until it lay beneath her like a sheet.
He continued to eat at her breasts, devouring one nipple then moving to the next. Stinging little bites across the soft flesh and a quick lick of his tongue accompanied each transition between the hard peaks. The pleasure with a little sting of pain had her crying out and moaning beneath him. His hands moved between her legs, but they weren’t touching her. The thump of something on the table next to her made her look to the side. His wallet lay open, a trail of condoms poking from between the leather. He raised his head, standing at full height over her.
“Look what you do to me, sweetheart.” Steve’s husky voice, deepened with his own arousal. Rhia looked at him, raised herself onto her elbows and watched him sheath his erection. “Are you ready for me, baby?”
He positioned the head against her opening as he spoke. She didn’t know if she said yes or just thought it, but it didn’t matter, he was already pushing inside her. She watched his manhood disappear between her legs, and the look of pleasure on his face was undeniable. Rhia arched as he penetrated her. One thrust, two, and three, he was fully embedded inside her. She cried out with each movement, grappling to make sense of opposing stimuli, pain as her body stretched to accommodate his girth and the pleasurable slide along nerve endings that eased the discomfort. He gripped her hips and pushed into her with a sense of urgency she hadn’t experienced before.
Waves of erotic delight filled her as he began to pound her forcefully. The strokes drove her wild with desire, each one building the need for the next, for more. The sensations built quickly. Her pussy quivered and pulsed around the intrusion. He raised her legs to rest over his shoulders and leant forward, taking her deeper. The first orgasm hit her like a freight train, pushing the air from her lungs, the scream echoing in her head, not making it to the outside world. His hands rested on the table, his wrists abutting her shoulders, holding her in place.
“Look at me.” Somehow the words penetrated her mind.
She looked at him, his face above her. Her calves framed his face. His eyes now appeared to be the deepest sapphire, nearly black. His hair fell around his face, perspiration trickling down his brow. He didn’t let her recover. The next orgasm, more powerful than the first, as he continued to relentlessly thump into her like a man possessed.
“You’re so beautiful, Rhia. Your cunt wrapped around me like a tight fucking glove. Your face dazed with pleasure. Come again, baby, I love when you come all over me.”

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Seducing a Cougar

It's release day. Seducing a Cougar is now available for sale through Secret Cravings Publishing with other ebook sellers like Amazon and B&N to follow soon.

Apart from when my first book, Finding Angel, came out this is the most satisfying book release to date. As some of you know my SO recently passed away. I had just starting writing this book, the final in the Sydney Cougar Series when Shane was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Everything went on hold. Throughout his illness and ultimate death I had no idea how I was going to get this finished and to the publisher on time. I also had Playing Jax and Healing a Cougar's Heart going through edit and proofing at the time, both of those books were released on time, one just before and the other just after Shane's passing. The success of having two more books come onto the market was bittersweet and I didn't have the physical or emotional strength to do much of anything on the promotion and publicity trail.

Seducing a Cougar is different for many reason. It's the first book written without Shane bringing me an endless stream of cups of tea and coffee. It's the first book I've written when really all I wanted to do was hide in bed and stay away from the world. It's also the only book in the Sydney Cougar series that's dedicated to BDSM. Yes the other three have had kinky moments in them, but this is the story of a sub reconecting with her BDSM roots after many years of denying her true sexual needs and desires. I think a lot of readers will relate to the book, whether they read BDSM novels or not. My heroine, Susan, walked away from what she knew was right for her in her twenties and, after trying to be what she though other people wanted her to be, she makes the decision to follow her heart and be the woman and submisive she always wanted to be.

Starting again isn't an easy thing for anyone to do, I can atest to that. Seducing a Cougar gives me hope that change doesn't have to be scary or life destroying. Change can lead you to a new life that is beyond your wildest dreams. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens for me, because my dreams can be pretty wild...lol.

I hope you all enjoy reading Seducing a Cougar.

Purchase Seducing a Cougar

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Giveaway Month - Competitions, Blogs, Prizes and Fun

July is officially giveaway month. there are so many blog hops and activities happening I hope I can keep up.

Win an ebook copy of Playing Jax on July 11th or Healing a Cougar's Heart on July 15th by participating in the Sizzling Summer Reads Event at The Romance Reviews during July. You need to register to play the game (it's free and easy) then answer the question to go in the draw for the ebook.

To win Playing Jax, you can find the answer on the Playing Jax page of my website at http://www.jangraham.com.au when you get to the website simply scroll over the Wylde Shore tab at the top of the page then click on Paying Jax in the drop down menu. To find the answer to win a PDF copy of Healing a Cougar's Heart, go to Sydney Cougar series tab and then click on Healing a Cougars Heart in the drop down menu. Simple.

Good luck with everyone who enters, There are also lots of other great prizes throughout the month so click on the Picture above to go to the site and take a look.

As part of the Summer reads event there is also a chat at the TRR forum with me on July 15th, I'll post the chat link and time closer to the date. 

Check out my Friday the thirteenth Blog post as part of the When Darkness Falls Blog Hop to win an ebook copy of my latest novella Seducing a Cougar (in PDF format). The post will go live on Friday the thirteenth and remain active until midnight on 21st July. All you need to do is leave a comment on the Darkness post to go in the draw (the post will have the blog hop poster in the corner of the page). Lots of other authors are also participating, so check out the blog hop link on the side of the page to see what other amazing prizes are up for grabs.

For lovers of BDSM (either practicing or reading about it) I'm joining in the fun of the BDSM Unleashed Giveaway Hop. Up for grabs will be an ebook copy of Playing Jax, the second novel in my Wylde Shore Series. Again all you need to do is comment on the post with the BDSM poster on it ( and leave a valid email address at the end of the comment) to go in the draw. The winner will be randomly selected and notified by email after the event finishes on July 21st.

Don't forget to check out the link on the side of the page to see what other authors are participating and what other amazing prizes you could win.

Secret Cravings Publishing is holding a Summer scavenger hunt on the 21st and 22nd July. I'll post more details later but as part of this event you have another chance to win a PDF copy of Seducing a Cougar, the fourth novella in the Sydney Cougar Series.

Hope you're all ready for a crazy July. I know I'll be exhausted by the end of it.