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Edible Delights Vol 2 Author Highlight - Alysha Ellis

My Lord's Table
Guest post by Alysha Ellis

I’m part of a group of Australian erotic writers. Wonderful, dirty-minded, hilariously funny and creative writers—so when someone came up with the idea of us doing an anthology together, I jumped at the chance. Then they told me the concept—Erotic Foods.

You know what the problem with sex and food is? Absolutely nothing. Did you really need me to tell you that? Sex! And Food! Two of the best things ever. And I got to write about them.

decided on a Historical, for no other reason than that I really enjoy Historicals. I also decided it would be a ménage. 

First I created my heroine. Innocent, poor and starving, Susan is on her way to London to seek help from her estranged brother. But when she gets there, her brother is missing, and a strange woman is living in his house.

The woman offers Susan a way of earning money, but as you’d expect, all is not as it seems. Instead of the respectable post Susan believes she’s been offered, she finds herself presiding over an orgy. Up until this point the story was playing out exactly as I intended it to. The next step was to have the two male heroes appear, and for the ménage to develop.

But then, Lord Anthony Winslade stepped out from the shadows. And try as I might I couldn’t get any other man to step out with him. Anthony would share neither the stage, nor the woman. My ménage had changed to the story of a dominating alpha male and the woman he singles out for his own. I know non-writers have difficulty understanding this, but most writers know it’s true. Sometimes the characters take over, and the story is suddenly not the one the writer intended at all.

So believe me when I tell you Anthony Winslade stole my story! I wrote a detailed banquet scene in which food and sex was shared generously. I had intended Susan and her two lovers to get involved. Instead, Anthony watched the group sex for a while then took Susan’s hand, informed her (and me) that he could do much better in private, ordered a delectable meal sent to his rooms and carried Susan away with him.

I have to admit, he was right. What Susan and Anthony got up to in the privacy of his quarters was hot. Who knew you could do that with cream?

So like a good little submissive, I did as I was told. I wrote the story the way Anthony, Lord Winslade demanded it be written. And I’m glad I did. I love my ménages, but I also love a strong man who knows how to dominate a woman and the action. Anthony and Susan’s story engrossed me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of discovery that went along with writing it.

I called my contribution to Edible Delights Volume Two My Lord’s Table, but perhaps I should have called it, My Lord’s Story!

About the Author: Alysha Ellis 

I write stories your mother would never let you read, even now that you're all grown up - but what Mama don't know can't hurt her. Live on the wild side a little. Bad girls have all the fun!

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