Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Truth or Dare with Lori King

Author, Lori King has volunteered to play Truth or dare with us today. I'll let Lori take it from here as she tell us a little bit about herself and also let's us know why she chose truth over dare.
Let me just say first, that I chose Truth because most of those Dare’s would take a lot of tequila, and there would be no cameras in the near vicinity. LOL Now, a little about me….I’m a thirty year old mother of three boys, and I’ve been with my knight in slightly dull armor for nearly nine years. I work during the day in the corporate financial world, and then I after my kids crash for the night, I settle in with my laptop to write. I write ménage and traditional stories about Dominant men, with an ooey gooey soft spot for their women, and my women can stand on their own two feet, but enjoy submitting to their man. Right now I have two books out in a paranormal werewolf series called The Gray Pack: Fire of the Wolf, and Reflections of the Wolf, with a third due out soon from Siren-Bookstrand. I also have a new series in the works that follows a Marine unit after they have left the military, and are trying to find their footing in the civilian world again. Find out more on my blog www.lorikingbooks.wordpress.com or look me up by my books at http://bookstrand.com/lori-king

Now let's see what enlightening truths Lori has to share with us.

If you could go out on a date with anyone in the world who would it be?
This one is surprisingly easy for me. I would choose country music singer, Blake Shelton. Yeah I know he’s married, but I find him ridiculously sexy, and his sense of humor matches mine. I know I would have a great time with him, no matter where we went.

What feature of yours are you self-conscious about?  
Just like 90% of the female population I would say my weight. I fought an eating disorder when I was in high-school, and then I had two children right out of high-school and nearly doubled my body weight with the back to back pregnancies. So I’ve fought that number on the scale for more than twenty years. I’d love to say that I’m completely comfy with my exterior, but I’m only human. J

When you are trying to impress people what personality trait do you hide?

My raunchy sense of humor, and love for curse words, people don’t seem to like seeing those traits in the corporate world, so they rarely come out at my day job.

When where you embarrassed getting caught in the middle of something?

I actually was having sex with my current husband (BF at the time) in his bed when his mom (who I hadn’t met) paid a surprise visit, and walked in on us. Not the best way to meet my future MIL, but we’ve moved past it. We’ve NEVER spoken of it between us again. LOL

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?

On stage in front of a group of about 25 people. That’s all the details you’re getting, because I wouldn’t do it again. LOL

Thanks so much for playing Lori it's been great having you here. I'm so excited that everyone is embracing the fun of the game and telling the truth no matter how embarrassing or racy it may be. What does everyone else think, are you enjoying the game and what did you think of Lori's answers today, has she told the truth?


  1. Ohhh I really want to know about the stage sex, it will drive me crazy now, Jan will tell you I am nosey lol. I really enjoyed Lori's answers.

  2. yes Lori, she is very nosy. I keep telling her curiosity kills the cat but she doesn't care :)