Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Halloween

Down here in Australia Halloween gets a mixed reception. It's not generally a holiday we celebrate but over the years, with more American culture creeping into our multicultural society it seems to be growing in popularity.

I've always liked the idea of carving a face in a pumpkin, not that I've ever done it, and getting all creepy and ghoulish once a year. As a kid I loved the idea of strangers giving me lollies even though adults constantly told me not to take sweets from people I didn't know. It just added to the contradiction of life that always amused me and made me wonder about the sanity of grown-ups. Much like being told not to talk to strangers, but once a year being plopped down on the lap of a sweaty fat man in a red suit and directed to tell him my Christmas wish while smiling for the camera.

I still have trouble with mixed messages. Who is a stranger? When is it safe to accept candy from someone? Are other treats acceptable from strangers or is it just the sugary kind to be wary of? What would I do with the pumpkins insides if I decided to carve one? How can a man that fat fit down a chimney and if my house doesn't have a chimney then how does he get inside? The impact of adult contradiction on my delicate child-like brain still impacts me today, but generally only on holidays like Halloween, Christmas and that other event where a rabbit the size of a fully grown man chases me down the street hurling shiny wrapped eggs at me and screaming 'come here fatty.'

Oh wait, disregard the last one it's just a nightmare I have every Easter.

When Shane was alive we always bought lollies for the few neighborhood kids that would wander around the place and knock on the door screaming trick or treat. Of course, having a sweet tooth he'd always bitch that the kids were taking all his lollies and he'd wish they'd just piss off. Never get between a man and his lollies. The other thing we'd do is watch a zombie movie. He had tons of them, much to my stomach churning horror. I'm not a zombie fan. So this year, with Shane no longer around to torture me with the undead and no lollies in the house to eat (yes, I bah humbugged the give a treat idea as well) I was at a loss with what to do. Mercifully I had a book to read that fit the occasion perfectly.

I don't always read romances, although they are one of my fav genres. It's just that sometimes a girl needs a little more excitement, something different to dwell on rather than a HEA tale. What book could better at Halloween than, a queer vampire horror story with a touch of erotica thrown in. I was in my element, tucked up in bed, lights out, reading a bloody vampire tale. I still haven't finished it but I love the way this author writes. His books always make me think, there's usually some kind of twist in the plot and I never know what to expect when I read one of M.Christian's stories. So if you want to take a look at what I'm reading, there is a little blurb below and to find out more about the book or to buy it just scroll over the title.

Happy Halloween Everyone.

 The Very Bloody Marys by M. Christian

A gang of Vespa-riding vampires are killing San Franciscans so indiscriminately they threaten to not only drain the city dry--but risk the discovery of vampires everywhere. Gay vampire cop Valentino is called upon to stop the group calling themselves The Very Bloody Marys before the situation gets worse. Unfortunately, it already has. You see, Valentino is still only a trainee who is in way over his head now that Pogue, his mentor, is missing. And this brutal gang is tough, smart, and very, very bloodthirsty.

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