Friday, 23 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving


I just thought I'd wish everyone in the US a very happy Thanksgiving. We don't have the holiday over here in Australia, a few boat loads of criminals being sent to a foreign land clearly weren't in a celebrating mood when they arrived, so it's all a bit of a foreign concept to me. However, I do love the idea of giving thanks for ancestors who've gone before us, for the freedom we all enjoy and for having friends, family and loved ones around us to enrich our lives. I also hear that there are huge sales on Friday... hmm, shopping, bargains, another thing to be thankful for... Lol.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy your turkey today, I have to wait until Christmas to get my holiday roast, unless we decide to eat salad because it's so hot to cook a turkey... Lol.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

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