Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday will never be the same...

I have exciting news...we are about to start playing  
Yes, starting next Tuesday I'm going to be playing Truth or Dare on my blog. I'm really looking for to having a bit of fun with everyone and seeing who is up to the challenge of playing the game.

The game is open to everyone. Yes, we will be playing the equal opportunity truth or dare. I'll be hosting all sorts of people so it doesn't matter whether your famous, infamous or neither of the aforementioned, you can still have a turn.  I mean really, lets face it, truth or dare makes everyone interesting especially if they dish the dirt on their lives or perform a silly task. 

So far I have a few Aussie authors who have committed to play, some friends of mine from real life and facebook and who knows what other crazy people will put up their hands over the next few weeks. The truth or dare posts will go live each Tuesday (Set your clocks to Aussie time for this one, remember we're ahead of the rest of the world, so you may see the post on Monday evening if you live in the US or the UK but remember it's Tuesday down under).

If you follow the blog and are interested in participating just let me know. You can send me an email through my website http://www.jangraham.com.au and I'll forward all the information you need to play my bloggy Truth or Dare. 

I'm so excited I can't wait for the fun to begin but what do you guys think?

Do you wanna play?

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