Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Truth or Dare Tuesday with Khloe Wren

Carrying on the theme from last week we have another Aussie author spilling her guts today.

Khloe Wren lives in the Murraylands, South Australia with her hubby and two kids. Khloe writes paranormal romance with a healthy dose of suspense - she loves twists and turns in a story. She's currently in the process of getting her first book 'Her Guardian Angel: Fire & Snow - Book 1' published. You can visit Khloe on facebook at www.facebook.com/authorkhloewren. Khloe chose truth over dare because she's a wimp! lol (Yes, Khloe agreed wimp was the right word to use.)

So, let's see what the truth is according to Khloe.

What do you think your best and worse physical attributes are?
Worst feature would be a tight call between my height (I'm only 158cm) and my nose. I think my nose would win. It's too big and rather masculine looking. Hmmm, best feature ... most men seem fairly impressed with my 12F boobs, so I guess I'll stick with that as a best feature! lol

Have you ever been unfaithful to a boyfriend/girl friend?
I've never been unfaithful ... I did however date two guys at the same time. They both had the same first name, which came in handy! They knew about each other and would vie for my 'attentions' if they knew I'd been out with the other the previous night. Kept me on my toes that's for sure!

If you could go out on a date with anyone in the world who would it be?
If I didn't have my wonderful husband ... Vin Diesel hands down. That man is amazing! He's beautiful, sexy and has a brain! If you could wear out a DVD's my copy of 'XXX' and 'The Fast and The Furious' wouldn't work. Just in case it's not obvious I'm obsessed, my first book's hero is named Dominic, there's also a Xander in there too!

When you are trying to impress people what personality trait do you hide?
It has been said that I could talk buried in concrete with a mouth full of marbles ... so generally, if I'm trying to make a good impression I try really hard not to talk too much. It's not often I can actually pull it off though.

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?
Oh dear, the things you do when young! I once let my boyfriend talk me into skinny dipping in the murky waters of the Murray River. It resulted in some very awkward sex in the water ;) Can't say I recommend it, and I was scared stiff of being caught ... until a fish nibbled my calf, then another fear took over! lol

Wow, thanks Khloe you have definitely impressed me with your answers. Your early years would clearly make a great erotic romance - two men competing for your affection, sex in the Murray River and who knows what else you could throw in. What does everyone else think, would Khloe's life make a good romance?

Thanks for being here :)


  1. Great stuff Khloe. Glad I'm not alone in the Truth or Dare pool any longer!

  2. Very entertaining read. I SO hope someone picks a dare at some stage. Thanks for adding some spark to my lunch break!

  3. Yes I'm hoping that someone does a dare as well. Time will tell I guess, it is only early days.

  4. I did consider the dares ... but I'm just not brave enough! lol