Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Win a copy of Playing Jax

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Excerpt - Playing Jax

He slid one hand up her thigh, only to still when he reached between her legs.
“You’re not wearing underpants, sweetheart. Why is that?”
“I was waiting for you to come home. I thought you might like it.” He made a low, growling noise beside her neck as he nuzzled his face into her.
“What does not wearing panties indicate to me, darling? Tell me what you hoped I’d do when I found out.” His fingers slipped between her thighs, and he began to slowly press them into the wetness, circling her clit, exploring the opening he’d liberated just the day before. Rhia arched her body toward him in response and tried to compose the words.
“Sex,” she gasped, as a second finger penetrated her. “I hoped we’d have sex.”
“We’re not going to have sex, Rhia.” She whimpered as he removed his fingers from inside her. “I’m going to show you what happens to naughty girls who walk around without panties on.”
“W-what happens?” She watched as he sucked the juice from her body off his fingers.
“I fuck them senseless.” His lips reclaimed hers, his fingers clamped tight in her hair. His other hand cupped her breast and pinched at the nipple beneath the thin cotton dress she wore. He moved his mouth to her neck, laving his tongue over her flesh, biting her neck, and licking away the sting. She suddenly realized he hadn’t devoured her before, because he was consuming her now.
 “I love this short little summer dress. Do you have more of these?”
“Yes, one more. I have one…why?” She couldn’t think, could barely speak. Why on earth was he asking about her dress?
He didn’t answer her. Instead he kissed her once more, another ravenous kiss that made her moan. She knew he was moving them backward, or forward, she didn’t care. The kiss, combined with his hands roving over her body, disoriented her. The arousal pulsed through her, and moisture spilled between her legs. He could take her anywhere, as long as he kept touching her. Steve lifted her slightly, sliding her onto the dining table. Spreading her legs, he stood in between them. He released her lips, and began to move her away from him, lowering her onto the table.
His eyes, filled with a dazed lust, surely resembled hers. As her back connected with the table, his hands moved to the front of her dress. He ripped it open, buttons flying into the air. She let out a cry of surprise, or was it another moan of delight? How could having her clothes torn be so erotic that her pussy clenched in delight? He sucked one nipple firmly into his mouth, the pull so firm it bordered on pain. He ripped the rest of the dress down the middle until it lay beneath her like a sheet.
He continued to eat at her breasts, devouring one nipple then moving to the next. Stinging little bites across the soft flesh and a quick lick of his tongue accompanied each transition between the hard peaks. The pleasure with a little sting of pain had her crying out and moaning beneath him. His hands moved between her legs, but they weren’t touching her. The thump of something on the table next to her made her look to the side. His wallet lay open, a trail of condoms poking from between the leather. He raised his head, standing at full height over her.
“Look what you do to me, sweetheart.” Steve’s husky voice, deepened with his own arousal. Rhia looked at him, raised herself onto her elbows and watched him sheath his erection. “Are you ready for me, baby?”
He positioned the head against her opening as he spoke. She didn’t know if she said yes or just thought it, but it didn’t matter, he was already pushing inside her. She watched his manhood disappear between her legs, and the look of pleasure on his face was undeniable. Rhia arched as he penetrated her. One thrust, two, and three, he was fully embedded inside her. She cried out with each movement, grappling to make sense of opposing stimuli, pain as her body stretched to accommodate his girth and the pleasurable slide along nerve endings that eased the discomfort. He gripped her hips and pushed into her with a sense of urgency she hadn’t experienced before.
Waves of erotic delight filled her as he began to pound her forcefully. The strokes drove her wild with desire, each one building the need for the next, for more. The sensations built quickly. Her pussy quivered and pulsed around the intrusion. He raised her legs to rest over his shoulders and leant forward, taking her deeper. The first orgasm hit her like a freight train, pushing the air from her lungs, the scream echoing in her head, not making it to the outside world. His hands rested on the table, his wrists abutting her shoulders, holding her in place.
“Look at me.” Somehow the words penetrated her mind.
She looked at him, his face above her. Her calves framed his face. His eyes now appeared to be the deepest sapphire, nearly black. His hair fell around his face, perspiration trickling down his brow. He didn’t let her recover. The next orgasm, more powerful than the first, as he continued to relentlessly thump into her like a man possessed.
“You’re so beautiful, Rhia. Your cunt wrapped around me like a tight fucking glove. Your face dazed with pleasure. Come again, baby, I love when you come all over me.”

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