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Hot Seat Welcomes - Diane Demetre

The author hot seat specials are designed to help readers get to know both popular and up and coming authors a little better. The questions are broken into sections - About your writing, about you, fun stuff and finally. Some of the questions are easy, other may need a little more thought and some may cause our author friends to hesitate before answering—still, they all answer. 

Today we welcome Erotic romance author, Diane Demetre, to the hot seat. he's telling us about her new book and answering the tricky questions, there's also a fantastic giveaway from her at the end of the post. So let's get started.

Tell us about your latest book. What was your inspiration for writing it, is it part of an ongoing series, the characters, the genre etc? 

Dance to a Gypsy Beat is the third book in my erotic romance Dance of Love series. Although all the books in the series are stand-alone titles, there is a familial thread tying them together which adds a deeper dimension to the stories. The books in this series were voted Luminosity Publishing Readers’ Choice for Best Books and Best Covers for 2015 and 2016.

About your writing:

How many books have you written during your career so far and which is your favorite? 

I’ve written and had published three erotic romances. My fourth book is romantic suspense which hasn’t been published yet and is probably my favourite to date. I’m hoping to see it out later this year.
Have any of your books received negative reviews and how did you handle the situation? 

I had one, but I ignored it. You can always tell whether bad reviews are legitimate or not. If a reader is sincere about their comment, you can see it by the way they write their review. But mostly, negative reviews are from people who admit to not even finishing the book or from people who made the wrong choice in the first place by choosing your book. For example, why would someone choose erotic romance if they get offended by red hot sex scenes?

Do you believe in writer’s block and if so, how do you overcome it? 

I haven’t experienced writer’s block, maybe because I write what comes to me rather than thinking what to write. I lean into my inspiration and wait for it to guide me. I think writer’s block is something created from impatience. The key is to trust the muse and follow her lead.

What is the one genre you would never write and why? 

Not so much a genre, but I can only write in the ‘light’. I can’t write about dark themes and have turned down publishing offers to write in the ‘dark.’

Have you ever written a book that you’ve regretted publishing and why? 

Not yet.

If a reader said they wanted to write a book, what advice would you give them? 

Go ahead, but be prepared to sacrifice lots and lots and lots of time.

About you:

Tell us what a typical day in your life is like? 

Up early, take the puppies for a walk, meditate, go to the gym, yoga or dance class, do a couple of hours on my other business, then write all afternoon, one hour for dinner, then back in the office to write for a few hours at night.
What sort of things put you in a bad mood? 
Being too hard on myself.

Do you have a bucket list and what’s one thing you still want to do that you haven’t done? 

Fly into outer space on Virgin Gallatica

What makes you laugh? 

Silly things my husband says, loving things my puppies do and the joy of being alive.

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? 

I talked far too long in my wedding speech.

Do you like to read and what are you reading at the moment? 

I love reading. At the moment, I’m reading The Road Back by Liz Harris

If you couldn’t write anymore, what would you do instead? 

But why couldn’t I write anymore? Unless I’m brain-dead, I can write J

Fun Stuff:

If you could go out with one famous person who would it be and why? 

Jesus Christ… I want to hear his story told his way.

Do you have a habit that drives your partner/friends/family nuts and what is it? 

Being bossy

In your opinion, what makes a person attractive? 

Sense of humour

What is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten? 

Raw snails in China… I spat them out once I felt the wiggle

Would you rather have a classic 1969 convertible Mustang or have the use of a beach side condo any time you want? 

Beach side condo. I can’t write in the convertible

And finally:

Would you rather survive an apocalyptic event (yes, even a zombie apocalypse) or die instantly without knowing what happened to your family and friends? 

Die… because we’ll all be on the other side anyway. Then we get to start all over again J 

Dancing Queen by Diane Demetre

One woman … Two men … A dance of love that lasts a lifetime

When Michele Johnston, a sexy forty-two-year-old ex-dancer from the Moulin Rouge gets divorced, she leaps into her new world of singledom with unbridled passion. Having been in monogamous relationships all her life, she decides to cast off her inhibitions and release her repressed sexuality through casual sex.
Aided and abetted by three vivacious girlfriends, Michele embarks on her new erotic adventures but gets more than she expects, when mysterious yacht captain Mark Miller unleashes her wanton desires.
Further complicating matters, debonair Greek businessman Nick Stavros arrives on the scene and falls madly in love with her, promising the happy-ever-after ending. Although not her type, Michele finds his charm and persistence strangely bewitching.
But will she give up her newfound freedom? Will she choose one man over the other? And who’s the special someone she’s been unconsciously searching for all her life?

Reader Advisory:  This book contains a sexually empowered heroine and willing men to fulfil her desires. Casual sex scenes with recreational drug use.

Buy links for Diane's books 

About the Author:

Award winning author, Diane Demetre is a storyteller at heart and whether entertaining, educating, speaking or writing, she is passionate about life and sharing it with you. She writes sensual adult love stories with a twist, featuring empowered heroines who live life to the fullest on their terms, much like the author herself.

Diane weaves the magical divine feminine through her stories... perhaps in the guise of an accidental meeting with a magnificent stranger, a crazy French tarot card reader or the voice of the Goddess in the mind of the female protagonist. The divine feminine always gives a helping hand to her heroines, empowering them forward on their journey to their happy-ever-after. 

The Dance of Love series consists of three steamy, stand-alone, erotic romance titles with red hot ratings. Her debut novel, Dancing Queen was voted Luminosity Publishing’s Best Book and Best Cover for 2015, while Tiny Dancer and Dance to a Gypsy Beat were voted Best Book and Best Cover for 2016.
Catch up with Diane on Social Media:
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Diane is giving away 2 personally signed paperback editions of her debut novel, Dancing Queen.  
To enter, sign up to Diane's newsletter at and complete the Contact Form on her website, including the phrase Jan Graham in your message. 
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