Sunday, 7 February 2016

Win A copy of Resisting Love at TRR's Mega Party

To help The Romance Reviews celebrate their Mega anniversary and Valentines Party, I've donated a copy of Resisting Love to their giveaway. If you'd like to go in the draw to win a copy just hop on over to their site at - anytime on Feb 7between 12:00am EST and 11:59pm EST and answer the question listed.

If you don't know the answer, don't panic, there's a hint link where you can pop over to my website and get the answer to the question.

In order to enter you will need to register and be logged in at TRR so you can play the game. TRR need people to register to keep track of their points for the major draw and also so they can hand out the daily prizes. Registration is free and easy.

Have fun and good luck.

Resisting Love

Kenzie Stuart is an artist who’s finally started to achieve her dream. She doesn’t need anything to interfere with that, especially a relationship. Her number one rule when it comes to men is, love them and leave them, without getting emotionally involved. This worked perfectly until she met Justin. When Kenzie realized she cared for him, her only option was to leave, but she didn’t merely walk away from the man she loved. Kenzie ran like the wind, determined to never look back.

Justin Davies waited until he thought Kenzie was ready to accept his affection. He believed he did everything required in order to win her heart, but Kenzie still walked out, leaving him to nurse his wounded heart. Despite everything, he wants her back and this time Justin has thrown the rule book out the window. He’ll recapture Kenzie anyway he can. By fair means or foul, he's determined to break down her resistance to love. 

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