Thursday, 4 February 2016

Available for Pre-order - Sensual Healing by Jan Graham

I'm excited to announce that Sensual Healing the third book in my Hot in The City Series is now available for Pre-order at both amazon and Smashwords. So given its freshly uploaded status, here's a little peek at what you'll be reading if you decide to grab a copy.

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How can a man help to heal the heart of the woman he loves when he has to compete with the ghost of her dead husband? That’s the challenge Mark Dean finds himself facing when he meets Isabelle O’Connor, a feisty, capable, redhead who’s happy to deny the truth about why she’s never given love a second chance.

Isabelle has to face the demons of her past if she wants to keep Mark. He’s handsome, sexy, brave and the best lover she’s ever had. He’s also a cop, which is just the excuse she needs to push him away. When Mark refuses to step out of her life without a fight, Isabelle has to decide if it’s time to let her heart heal, or continue living a lonely lie. 

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