Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Edible Delights Highlights - First Glance, First Bite by Tasmin Baker

About the Author:

Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who only discovered erotic romance ten months ago. Before that she read sexy romance, skipping the plot and looking for the ‘good bits.’ Since then she has written and obtained twenty five contracts of varying lengths for her erotic romance and erotica novels. She absolutely LOVES reading and writing it! She has two other jobs, kids and a hubby too – but writing is a passion that she has to indulge for fear of insanity.
M/M is a passion of hers so even when she writes ménage, there is always an M/M story. She particularly enjoys writing Female dommes, but she loves experimenting in all genres. She is learning to write and read more, one step at a time. Soon, she’ll have stories published in every sub-genre of erotic romance – well that’s her aim anyway.

About the Book:
Can two possessive and passionate vampire's make a relationship work with the one human they are destined to love, yet wants to continue his mortal existence?
Lina is a four hundred year old vampire who doesn't believe in the fabled blood bond the original vampires talk about. That is, until she meets Benedict. An English lord that not only taste's better than any human ever has, but also shares with her, the most incredible sex.
Benedict hates his predictable, boring stressful life. Meeting the very sexually dominant Lina seems like the perfect way of escaping his world for a few hours, but she has something more permanent in mind. Enter Antony, Lina's long time vampire lover and friend. Antony has long stopped caring about anything but his own pain over losing his mate. He is amazed at his attraction to Benedict.
Can two possessive and passionate vampire's make a relationship work with the one human they are destined to love, yet wants to continue his mortal existence?


“You must go, Benedict, come back tomorrow.”
Hurt filled Benedict’s chest, his stomach dropped with disappointment. She couldn’t be serious. 
A whoosh of air surrounded him as another male stood in front of him, one who was not human.
“Who’s the human, Lina?”
His Domme looked pained as she gestured to the beautiful man beside her.
“Benedict, this is Antony. Antony, this is Benedict.”
The male vampire inhaled and groaned, the sound going straight to Benedict’s balls. The vampire’s eyes widened and his nostrils flared. Benedict could smell this new vampire’s arousal, knew it was for him. It was a very strange sensation to smell lust and even stranger when Benedict’s body hardened in response.
“A new pet, Lina?” She dropped her eyes and lowered her voice. “My intended blood mate.”
The words meant nothing to Benedict, but he liked them. Blood mate? He rolled the words around in his mind. Antony looked back at him with renewed interest. Benedict felt the tension in Lina, watched her cower. Was she afraid of the new vampire or for him? He couldn’t tell.
He had to protect himself and her, he would do the gentlemanly thing and leave as she had requested. He would be returning however.
“I can come back tomorrow, Lina. I’m sorry, I must have misunderstood.”
Benedict bowed and began backing away. However, strong arms wrapped around his chest, pinning his arms to his sides. Antony’s supernatural strength surrounded him.
“Not so fast beautiful little boy. You smell delicious.”
Then he was free and Lina was holding Antony up against the wall, her strength obviously superior. Her face hard, her eyes narrowed and flaring in anger. She was an awesome sight.
“He is mine, you know the rules, Antony.”
The large vampire groaned and pouted. He really was a beautiful thing. Benedict’s cock began to swell as he imagined touching the other man. What a lovely mouth he had.
“Can’t I have a taste too, Lina? Please? We could share.” 
Benedict flushed, his body heating in unusual ways at the idea of being shared between these two beautiful vampires. He had never been attracted to another man before, but this one smelled divine. His arousal was evident and Benedict wanted him.
Lina turned her head toward Benedict and narrowed her eyes, inhaling deeply.
“You want him also?”
Benedict knew what she was asking and blushed deeply. He couldn’t hide his arousal from her, but he was afraid as well. Afraid of the strength this male possessed, afraid of what he would be made to do in a sexual situation with the two of them.
“Will he hurt me?”
Lina smiled with an evil glint to her blue eyes and looked back at Antony.
“Two rules. You obey me at all times, and only take a small amount of blood. If you dare hurt him, I will kill you.”
Benedict blinked, she was serious. The enormity of her statement floored him but also pleased him. Perhaps she did care for him as he was beginning to care for her?
Antony nodded enthusiastically despite the threat. His fangs elongated and slid across his bottom lip in readiness.

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