Sunday, 20 October 2013

Exciting and New

I thought it might be time to give you all an update on what's exciting and new in my life. It's been a while since I've posted anything personal about where I'm up to with my work so here goes.

The exciting news is easy, Switching Mercedes, the fourth book in my Wylde Shore series has been contracted to Siren Publishing and will be released in ebook in January next year, with the paperback version coming out a few months later. 

What a way to start 2014 (insert happy dance here).

As you know Zane and Mercedes have been dancing around there feelings for each other  for a while now so they needed a book to sort it all out, with a few surprises along the way. I'll be doing some pre-release teasers starting next month, which I hope you'll enjoy.

I'm hoping to follow up that release fairly quickly with the fourth and final book in the series, Tempting Marcus. The research for that one is now complete and it's time to get words down on the page. Chapter one is nearly finished so there's only about twenty five or so left to 

That leads me to the new, yes a new series, to follow where the Wylde Shore series finishes. For those who've read the books, you've only been given a tiny introduction to Marcus Delaney (via a cameo appearance in Playing Jax) however, he features a little more in Switching Mercedes and of course his will be the last book in that Series. 

So what does he have to do with the new series I hear you ask. Well, Marcus runs a team of devilishly gorgeous mercenaries...can you guess where this is leading. Yep, the Mercenary Heat Series. No it isn't just an excuse for me to perv at pictures of hot male bodies looking for inspiration,  it's a series screaming to be told. I'm discovering all Marcus's operatives have stories to tell, and they've decided they need their own books. Of course, I keep telling them to shove off until I've finished Marcus's book but they are demanding men, just the sort I love. ☺ So, new plots abound and there's constant lobbying for pole position (no pun intended) in the who-goes-first stakes. 

Ah, if only real men were vying for my attention so desperately. 

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