Sunday, 9 December 2012

Does Size Matter? - Romance Heroes

I thought I'd get this out of the way so you can all stop wondering about it. It's time to let your naughty imaginations run wild, sit down in the gutter and think about dicks. Yes, today we look at the male endowment of our romance heroes. Get the tape measure out, drop your favorite mans pants and lets talk about the size of our romance heroes dongers. For those sitting reading this and thinking WTF? A donger is Aussie slang for a man's penis. For those who aren't Australian and want to know how to incorporate this amazing word into a sentence in a real life setting it would go something like this... 
     "Oh. My. God, you have the biggest donger I've ever seen." 
or in relation to a discussion about romance novel heroes the statement could read...
    "Why do romance heroes always seem to have enormous dongers?"
 Personally I love a large penis, as long as it' nice looking, but that's probably a whole separate topic of conversation. When I write my heroes I make them big, in nearly every sense. Tall, wide shoulders, muscular legs and torso's but not muscle bound hulks. To me, if a man is going to be on the tall muscly side he needs to be large between the legs, not enormous, but ample enough to touch, slide against and stimulate every nerve ending inside the heroines pussy and have her screaming in delight. Is it realistic? No, of course not. Even tall strapping men can have micro dicks and weedy little nerds can have huge dongers. 

According to one Men's Health website I found the average penis when erect is 6.3 inches *clunk* 
(sorry, I accidentally typed 63 inches and fainted, lucky I found that typo) *fans self and regains her composure.* The site also states that 90% of all men measure between 5.6 and 7 inches when erect. Nine out of ten men are average, that only leaves ten percent of men in either the huge donger or micro penis categories. If we go 50/50 on the remaining 10% then romance men make up a mere 5% of the population, not great odds for those of us looking to find one in real life, but then romance heroes aren't real, are they? 

So why do I and a large percentage of romance authors design men that barely exist? Is it just an extension of the fantasy world we create? Perhaps. I often hear people say, I read romance to escape from reality. I know that's often true for me when I read. Is it then a necessity that our heroes are also unreal as well? A tall handsome, sexy man with cock to spare who can satisfy their woman in every way. A man who knows what the heroine wants before she does and who is happy to give it to her, both sexually and emotionally. So, is that what we want, or do we want a bit more reality in our heroes? 

Most of my friends and I have had the romance heroes always have big dicks discussion, it comes up on a regular basis (no pun intended) and it appears to be the accepted and encouraged norm. So as well as wanting a fictional (barely real) hero, does the size of his penis add to the titillation when reading about him? If 90% of men (our husbands/boyfriends/lovers) are average, then does the thought of having something big turn us on, firing our imagination as we read and making the story more pleasurable. Would the reading experience be the same if the hero fell into the normal category? Would Mr Average Appendage hero be a disappointment? I think he might, well at least for me. I want a hero that's larger than life in every sense. One who is so different from what I know or my experience, that I fall in love with him and stay in love even after the book is closed. 

I shouldn't say so but my favorite hero that I've written to date is Steve Jax. I fell in love with him as a minor character in Finding Angel and continue to love him even after I finished writing his story, Playing Jax. Of course he shares my heart with a few other heroes. Wrath, the blind king from the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series as well as Vishous from the same series, Gregori and Dominic from the Carpathian books, and my list could go on. I'm sure you all have your own favorites. 

In every day life there are two main catch cries from a lot of men and women in regard to male endowment. the first size doesn't matter, the second, it's what a man does with it that counts. So, why don't we read that sort of sentiment in our romances?    

What do you think? Would you still love a hero if he didn't have a huge donger? 


  1. I would love the hero a whole lot more if he had a BIG cock. I love the look of a big cock, the weight of it, the heat of it. Yup, bigger is better in my book.

  2. Bigger is better :D Better to describe Better to envision.

  3. Not many of us would buy a book about Mr Average, we only have to put the book down and look at our own Mr Average snoring away in the arm chair. I want a dream man for my heros, tall longish dark hair.......mmmmmmmm

  4. I may be in the minority here but I think I would read a book with a hero with an average package. I am not saying I don't like larger I am just saying that it is what he is able to do not that he has a stove pipe in his pants. I am not sure I would want to read about a hero with a micro-weiner just thinking it maybe hard for them to do a whole lot with it ;)

    1. I have an new term of reference...a stove pipe... Lol. I'm also in agreement with you Carin, I wouldn't want to read about Mr. Micro-weiner