Saturday, 5 May 2012

Roses and Chocolates Blog Hop

I loved the idea of being involved with the Roses and Chocolates blog hop because I very fond of both items. My trepidation surfaced when I found out the hop included writing a blog about a memorable time when I was given either chocolates or roses, that's when I came unstuck.

You see, even though I've reached the wonderful age of forty-six, I haven't really been given either item under circumstances that you'd call memorable. Yes, as Linda Ronstadt once sang...poor, poor, pitiful me. I have been given flowers, generally after someone died or as an apology from a lover after a disagreement. As for chocolates I don't generally get those at all. So, what am I doing wrong? Who knows, maybe I need one of the men from my novels, a man who wants to woo me and tell me how special I am with not only his words but gifts and gestures of love, like cooking dinner.

In my most recent novella, Mark, the hero is a gift giver, flowers, perfume etc. In Playing Jax, my second novel due to be released mid May there is actually a discussion about what flowers mean and why men give them to women.

I've decided that since flowers appear as a theme in both my latest works it must be saying something about me. I think I want flowers. I want a man who gives them freely without a hidden agenda or ulterior motive. In my next relationship I will determine to find a man who does just that. Maybe then, if the roses and chocolates blog happens again, I'll have a memorable story to tell.

Blog Giveaway:

Win a PDF copy of my latest Cougar Novella, Healing a Cougar's Heart. Simply comment on this blog post and tell me if you would prefer a lover/friend to give you chocolates or flowers as a gift and you'll go in the draw to win. Remember to leave your email addy as part of the comment so I can contact you if you win. Conditions for the competition are listed at the end of this post.

Enjoy an excerpt from Hearing a Cougar's Heart. 

The knock on her door brought her back from her thoughts. Flowers greeted her when she answered the door, in fact, a huge bouquet of the most beautiful flowers she’d ever seen. She eagerly accepted the delivery. No one ever sent her flowers. For a moment she wondered if she should have read the card before the delivery girl left. What if they weren’t meant for her? No, the young woman had asked for Isabelle, so they couldn’t be a mistake.

 She got a large vase from the cupboard, filled it with water and−hey presto−a stunning display of color sat in the centre of her dining table. She unpinned the card and sat down on the sofa. Her hands shook as she stared at the little envelope. It definitely said Isabelle O’Connor. She took a fortifying slurp of coffee and then pulled the card from its white wrapping.

 Let me show you how an honorable man treats a gorgeous lady. Please come to dinner with me tonight. Mark Dean.

She stared at the card, re-read it, placed it on the coffee table, stared at it some more, and picked it up again. His mobile phone number was printed under his name. Her mind raced to understand what it could mean. Well, apart from the obvious “have dinner with me” bit. Surely he didn’t think she was gorgeous? If anything, that should be a word applied to him, not her. She reached for her phone and began to dial.

Gorgeous. If that’s what he thought of her, it was an added bonus. Dinner with the man who had filled her dreams last night was a definite yes, please.

* * * * *

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  1. I would prefer friends give me chocolate, they know my taste in chocolate.

    I would love for my fiance to give me books or flowers. I would rather the flowers be silk so they don't die in a week.

  2. I prefer chocolates. Because I can share them with my family. Also, because it won't mess with my allergies and leave me with a headache.

    rianeholt at gmail dot com

  3. I love flowers of any kind for no reason. I think roses for valentine's day is so commercial...and I hate to admit this...but I'm not that fond of chocolate.

  4. I noticed while out shopping the other day for a new dog bed because 4 weeks must be the life a dog a bed in our house before I get up in the morning to find bits of white stuffing all over the back deck, anyway out shopping and there in the aisle was a stack of my favorite chocolates in giant boxes and I do mean giant 1.2 kilos OMG I nearly fell to my knees to worship at the alter built of giant chocolate boxes but in the nick of time remembered I was in public and I am trying to loose the belly that has appeared and continue to grow over the last couple of years. So I dragged my round body away muttering to myself.

  5. There are lots better things to get than chocolates and roses so don't despair- particularly if they have a body like the one carrying the flowers...Simone

  6. Rose bushes aside, I would prefer chocolate chunked full of pecans. Mmmmm! Rita Bay

  7. Personally, I'd rather receive chocolate. Yummy, sweet, decadent chocolate, purrr. Of course, I'd share :)

  8. I would definitely rather have flowers. I don't like a lot of chocolate.


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  10. Congratualtions to Riane who has won a PDF copy of Healing a Cougar's Heart.

    Thanks for entering everyone.