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Character Interview - David Eastridge and Autumn Sullivan (Oops, I mean Brea) from Treasure Me by Michele Zurlo.


Relocating to Kansas City with David and working for SAFE Security was everything Autumn thought she wanted…except that the job isn’t what she thought it would be, and her past seems to have a stranglehold on her emotions.

When Autumn takes a case without informing the rest of SAFE Security, she finds herself in hot water when secret victory blows up in her face. Her impulsive mistake almost costs their lives—and she soon finds herself jobless. Reeling from this failure and the way it’s damaged her relationships with David and the team, she vows to start fresh—with a new name and in a new city. Unfortunately a local crime boss has other ideas.

In the midst of a mission, David must rush back to try to stop Autumn from leaving—only to find that Autumn and her sister have disappeared. Can he find them in time to save them and his relationship with the woman he treasures?

In Treasure Me, Michele Zurlo delivers a sexy, action-packed adventure tale full of emotional twists and turns.

Warnings: Spanking, D/s, Dom who puts his foot in his mouth, bratty sub, fingerpainting

Print ISBN: 978-1-942414-22-3
Word Count: 84,600

Interview with David Eastridge and Autumn/Brea

And now to hear from the main characters from the Book.  David and Autumn/Brea had this exclusive chat with our mystery interviewer not so long ago. I hope you enjoy it. 

Interviewer (sits up straighter and peers into the teleprompter): He’s a former explosives expert and special ops agent and one of the founding members of SAFE Security, a personal security company based in Kansas City, Missouri. She’s a treasure hunter and semi-reformed thief. Now they’re telling all in a new book. I’d like to welcome David Eastridge and Autumn Sullivan.
Autumn: It’s Brea.
Interviewer: Sorry?
Autumn: I changed my name. I do it all the time. If David has his way, it won’t be the last time.
David: Sugar, you can call yourself whatever you want. I’ll always call you, “Sugar.”
Autumn/Brea: And he says all I think about is sex.
David: I didn’t mention sex.
Brea: You call me “Sugar” because you said I have a sweet ass.
David: You do.
Brea: My point exactly.
David (turns to interviewer): How about a question?
Interviewer: Great idea. What is your favorite thing about each other?
Brea: He likes my ass.
David: I love her sense of humor. It’s bratty and irreverent. She keeps me on my toes.
Brea: That’s true. He does a great pirouette.
David: You’re supposed to say what you like about me.
Brea: I love how you can admit when you’re wrong. That’s a priceless quality in a man, especially a Dom.
Interviewer: Is he wrong a lot?
Brea: Yes.
David: Occasionally.
Brea (rolls eyes)
David: I saw that.
Brea: I hope so. Otherwise we’d have to get your vision tested. (whispers to interviewer) I’m saving up for a spanking.
Interviewer (laughing): Every D/s dynamic is different. What’s yours like?
David: Evolving. We’re working things out as we go.
Brea: We had a rocky start. David can be bossy and overbearing.
David: That’s true, but I’m learning to identify when I’ve gone too far.
Brea (takes his hand): He’s putting a lot of effort into learning. I love intelligent men.
David (pulls Brea onto his lap): Glad I could oblige, Sugar.
(He kisses Brea. The interviewer waits for it to stop, but she quickly realizes it may not end there.)
Interviewer: That wraps up this segment. Thanks to David Eastridge and Brea Sullivan for coming on the show today. If you don’t have your copy of Treasure Me, here is where you can buy one:

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Adult Excerpt

“Autumn.” He infused the warning with his Dom Voice, and it sent shivers of desire straight to my core.
“Oh, Sir. I’m already on my knees.” Picking a lock. I left that part off because he knew exactly what I was doing. It took a lot of effort, but I concentrated on the soft metallic sounds of the tumblers locking into place.
“If I was there right now, I’d spank you for being a smartass.”
Oh, but that man knew exactly what to say to make my pussy wet. As a sometimes-SAM, I needed to run off at the mouth while he put me in my place. When the stress of life got to me, I would call him names and goad him as he spanked or flogged me. He’d send me to a place past all my inhibitions where it was safe for me to break down and let it all out.
“Are you in my office yet?”
The last tumbler set, and I opened his door. “I’m closing your door right now. Do you want me in your chair or on the couch?”
He groaned, and I knew I had successfully distracted him from his original purpose. “Take off all your clothes and bend over my desk with your legs spread. Move my chair out of the way. That’s where I want you.”
This was even better. I preferred to have him in control, and he was letting me get away with entirely too much right now. I set to work wrestling out of the cute green dress he’d surprised me with last weekend. He liked me to wear colors that matched my green eyes, and I found myself choosing clothing and accessories with his tastes in mind.
As if he read my mind, he cleared his throat. “I’m going to punish you when I get home, Sugar. You know better than to try to manipulate me.”
“Sir, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t at least try, and then you would fall out of love with me.” Yeah, my convoluted logic was one of the things he found attractive. Or so I hoped.
He laughed, the sexy vocal caress washing over my nerves and urging them into submission. “Perish the thought. Are you in position?”
I bent over and rested my bare chest on his cold desk. “Yes, Sir. My nipples are hard, and my pussy is wet. Are you naked also?”


This book is an easy read, well edited, very enjoyable and a great start to a new series for Michele Zurlo. I haven't read any of Michele's, Doms of the FBI series, which are alluded to in this book, but I found it didn't alter my enjoyment of Treasure Me. Michelle covers enough of David and Autumns past to fill the reader in without bogging the story down. The characters were entertaining, the storyline interesting and I'm looking forward to follow up books in this series. If I had to find a fault with the book it would be that a few more sexy scenes between the main characters would have been nice, but that's just  

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