Tuesday, 15 November 2016

New Release - Fierce Guardian by Khloe Wren

Fierce Guardian, Book 4 in Khloe Wrens Fire and Snow Series released this week. This is a great Paranormal Series and I'm sure Fierce Guardian will be an exciting addition. 

He's found his true mate at last—but she's caught in a deadly trap.

Australian Xander Moore is one of a secret cadre of humans who can shift into the form of a snow leopard. His predator side is gorgeous and deadly. He's also lonely. Somewhere out there is his true mate … if he can find her before the Triggers destroy them all.
To the team he leads in search of the brutal Triggers, Xander is known for his calm strength in the midst of danger. But when he glimpses the mate he’s dreamt of for years, he's torn between the mission and his instinctive drive to protect and claim. Xander loses focus, leading to dire consequences.
British visitor Rachel Bell is caught in a trap. Her boyfriend's offer of a job to extend her visa has turned into forced servitude in his bar. The night he beats her and locks her in their apartment, she's desperate enough to get help the only way she can—by starting a fire. 
When her abuser attacks her brave rescuers, Rachel discovers she herself may be a deadly weapon. Is she brave enough to unleash her shocking new abilities and save them all?

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Trailer - YouTube: https://youtu.be/pnWpp48zk_8


For at least half an hour after Rocco stopped pounding on the door, Rachel stayed huddled in the far corner of the bedroom. Her heart was still racing, but had settled somewhat since she first wedged that chair under the door handle. Amazing that something so simple had kept her safe. Why hadn’t she thought of doing it before? A shudder ran through her. Because no matter how long she kept him out, at some point she had to leave the room and face him. With the way his fits of rage had been increasing lately, she wasn’t looking forward to the inevitable confrontation.
How could she get free? Kit had said she’d send her team in, but as far as Rachel knew, Kit was the only woman and wouldn’t be able to make it if she was out fighting a fire. Rachel wasn’t ready to trust any male, even one that Kit vouched for. Deep down she knew she could trust Kit, especially after their conversation and her tip about the chair. It was clear the woman wanted to help her, she was just unable to right now.
Rachel stilled as a crazy idea came to her.
“That might just work.”
Not giving herself time to think about it further, she rose from her hiding spot and crept over to the door. She was certain Rocco had gone to open up the bar but she didn’t want to risk racing out and landing in his lap. As quietly as possible, she removed the chair and opened the door to peek out. Her shoulders dropped in relief when she discovered no sign of Rocco. She repeated the process with the apartment’s front door before she went flying down the back stairs as fast as she could without slipping.
When she reached HoHaven she paused a moment to listen for any sign that someone was down there. When all she heard was silence she slipped into the store room, grabbed the closest bottle of alcohol, then bolted down to Rocco’s office. Using the spare key she’d nabbed from upstairs, she unlocked the door and shut herself in. It was the work of a moment to find a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. The man kept them all over the place.
Quickly she scrunched up paper and left it around his ashtray before making a trail over to the filing cabinet, which she opened an inch or so, hoping it would be enough for the flames to take hold. Opening the bottle, she poured the clear liquid over the crap in the cabinet then in a trail over to the desk. Leaving the bottle on its side near the ashtray, she prayed it would look like an accident of a lit cigarette and a tipped over bottle of vodka when the fire was put out.
Nerves had her hands trembling and she took a deep breath to steady herself enough to light a cigarette. Once she got the thing lit, she went over to open the door before heading back to the desk. Then she tossed it in the ashtray and she jumped back. She didn’t pour the vodka into the ashtray, hoping it would give her a minute to get out of the room. As she sprinted out of the room she heard the whoosh and felt a blast of heat.

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