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Author Hot Seat Welcomes - Nalini Singh

The author hot seat specials are designed to help readers get to know both popular, and up and coming authors, a little better. The questions are broken into sections - About your writing, about you, fun stuff and finally. Some of the questions are easy, other may need a little more thought and some may cause our author friends to hesitate before answering—still, they all answer. 

Today we have Nalini Singh in the hot seat. She's stopping by as part of her Rock Addiction Blog Tour and I'm super excited to have her here. 

I hope you all enjoy what Nalini has to say as well as the excerpt from her latest book, Rock Addiction. I've also included a review of Rock Addiction for those interested in finding out what the book is like from a readers point of view.

Getting Started:

Welcome to the Hot Seat, Nalini. Can you tell us about your latest book. What was your inspiration for writing it, is it part of an ongoing series, the characters, the genre etc?

Rock Addiction is a hot contemporary romance with what early readers have said is a new adult feel. It’s the first book in the Rock Kiss Series, which will have three full-length books and two novellas overall.

I’ve had the idea for a rock star romance in my head for a long time. I actually had the first few chapters written years ago, but I didn’t feel ready to write the whole book at that time. Then one day last year, I just had it. I knew where the story would go. I knew the characters, and all I had to do was sit down and write.

About your writing:

How many books have you written during your career so far and which is your favorite?

At this point, I’ve had 27 full-length books and 10 novellas published. Rock Addiction makes 28 full length books. However, I’ve written a lot more, some of which will never be published, others you might see someday in the future.

As for favorites – I can’t choose! I love them all. Whichever book I’m writing at the time is my favorite. It has all my attention and all my passion.

Have any of your books received negative reviews and how did you handle the situation?

Of course! Bad reviews are part of the life of a working writer. I think the fact I went through the traditional submission process, where I was used to handling rejections from editors, gave me a good foundation in terms of handling negative reviews.

The simple fact is that some people will enjoy my work while others won’t. The world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same books. I deeply believe every reader has a right to his or her opinion, whether negative or positive.

Do you believe in writer’s block and if so, how do you overcome it?

No. My belief is that if I’m finding a story difficult to write, then there is a problem I have to figure out. Have I taken a wrong turn? Do I know my characters well enough? I’m a proponent of writing and thinking my way out of the problem.

What is the one genre you would never write and why?

I’ve learned never to say never! Who knows what the future might bring? However, I do love my happy endings, so any genre with sad endings would a serious stretch for me.

Have you ever written a book that you’ve regretted publishing and why?

No. I’m proud of all my books. I’ve grown and developed as a writer over the years, but each book I put out was my best work at that time. Same for my current projects.

If a reader said they wanted to write a book, what advice would you give them? 

Sit down and write.

Writing workshops and conferences are wonderful and great places to absorb knowledge that’ll help you continue to grow as a writer, but you won’t really develop actual writing skills until you put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard. Constructing an entire story from scratch requires determination and devotion both.

Also, it may help to start small and work your way up. Short stories, then novellas, then a novel. That way, you’ll achieve things at each step, motivating you to carry on.

About you:

Tell us what a typical day in your life is like?

It depends on the day! I’m a full time writer, so my schedule is flexible. I write new words, or edit previously written work every day, but I’m not strict about the hours I put in. Instead, I measure my work rate by how much I achieve in terms of words written or pages edited. This keeps me honest and on track.

I love social media so I jump on my Facebook or Twitter pages a few times a day, and I try to carve out reading time as well.

I break for an hour for lunch, and usually work right through the afternoon. After dinner, I’ve been known to work till four in the morning at times (at which point I need to eat breakfast again ;-)).

What sort of things put you in a bad mood?

I’m a big believer in keeping your promises, so if someone says they’re going to do something and then they don’t, it does aggravate. However, generally, I’m pretty laid back – life’s too short to waste on bad moods!

Do you have a bucket list and what’s one thing you still want to do that you haven’t done?

I love traveling and there are still so many places I want to visit – Africa, South America, Antarctica…the list goes on!

What makes you laugh?

Oh, lots of things. The neighbor’s cat giving me his best suspicious “you intruder” glare even though he’s seen me every day for years, my friends’ sharp, witty comments, LOL cats… I laugh pretty easily. J

Do you like to read and what are you reading at the moment?

I love to read – it’s what led me into writing. I just finished the latest JD Robb. I adore Eve and Roarke! Next up is something from the tbr – I haven’t decided what I’m in the mood for yet. The anticipation is as fun as the choosing.

If you couldn’t write anymore, what would you do instead?

Figure out how I could write again. Writing is in my blood, my heart, my soul. I can’t imagine not doing it.

Fun Stuff:

If you could go out with one famous person who would it be and why?

I would’ve loved to have met the late Anne McCaffrey. Her Pern and Talent books are some of my all-time favorites. I would love to simply sit beside her and listen to her talk about her worlds, ask her questions about the characters, and just listen to everything she had to say.

I know you said one, but I’d also like to meet Joe Manganiello so I can gaze upon his hotness. ;-)

Do you have a habit that drives your partner/friends/family nuts and what is it?

I don’t put things back where they should be, so then no one can find it. I’m trying to be better, I promise!

In your opinion, what makes a person attractive?

Generally, it very much depends on the person – beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. For me personally, it has to do with a solid core of honor intermixed with the ability to laugh and enjoy the world.

What is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?

Hmm… I once ate a snail. Not escargot, but a steamed (?!) snail in a shell that was part of a banquet while I was in Japan. A friend and I dared each other. I didn’t really taste it, I swallowed it so fast!

Would you rather have a classic 1969 convertible Mustang or have the use of a beach side condo any time you want?

Beach condo, hands down.

And finally:

Would you rather survive an apocalyptic event (yes, even a zombie apocalypse) or die instantly without knowing what happened to your family and friends?

I’d like to survive, because if I survive, then there’s a chance I can rescue family and friends or be reunited with them. 

What great answers, although I have to say I think that more than one reader will be arm wrestling Nalini to go out with Joe Manganiello. ☺

by Nalini Singh

Fox hadn’t become the lead singer of one of the best-selling rock bands in history by being a shrinking violet. No, he went after what he wanted, no holds barred. And the raw promise he could feel between him and Molly? He had to know where it would lead, the need so strong he hadn’t felt anything like it since the day he’d figured out that music was his escape, the air in his lungs.
Which was why he was leaning against the wall beside Molly’s apartment at five that afternoon, a guitar by his side.
The elevator doors opened at a quarter after the hour, Molly going motionless two steps outside of it, the doors closing silently at her back. Yeah, she hadn’t expected him, but Fox was ready to work with that. Waiting patiently as she took a deep breath and completed the trek down the corridor, he drew in the scent of her, his gaze lingering on the fluttering pulse in her neck.
 “How did you get past security?”
Fox smiled slowly at the blurted-out question, wondering if Molly knew how bad she was at hiding her emotions. He liked it, liked that he saw the real Molly, not an illusion she’d created to tempt him—not that she had to do anything but smile to tempt him. “I told you the security sucks.”
Unable to resist, he reached out to run his finger down one creamy cheek flushed with a mix of surprise, passion, and, he was certain, sweet, hot feminine anger. His guess was borne out when Molly unlocked her door with jittery hands and put down her handbag on one corner of the bench, her fingers trembling before she curled them into her palms. “You’re breaking the rules.”
“What rules?” Closing the door, he leaned back on it and willed her to face him. Much as he loved the shape of her from the back, he liked watching those expressive eyes whisper her mood to him.
Shoulders tight, she turned. “This was supposed to be a one-night stand.”
“Ah.” Folding his arms over the plain black of his T-shirt, he said, “How about a one-month stand instead?” He knew he had to play this exactly right. Molly was wary of him, and yeah, he could understand why. To have her in his life beyond a fleeting instant, he’d have to win her trust.
She jerked up her head. “What?”
“Why not? I like you. You like me.” He smiled—because the reason Molly had needed to jerk up her head was that she’d been staring at his chest. “Admit it.”
Sitting down on the bench, she began to unzip her boots, very obviously not looking at him. “You’re okay for a rock star.”
He wanted to bite her, then pet her until she was limp and languid in his arms. “We burn up together.” Deliberately modulating his voice—his instrument—for maximum effect, low and bedroom rough, he saw her fingers stutter on the zipper. “I’m here for a month. It’s an easy equation.”
When the words “Let me think about it” fell from her mouth, he thought she might’ve been as startled as he was, her lips parting on a slight gasp—as if to call back the declaration.

Purchase links for Rock Addiction:

My thoughts on Rock Addiction:

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Rock Addiction and couldn't wait to get started reading it. I've been a fan of Nalini Singh's work for many years and for me, when one of my favorite authors has a new book come out, then it's time to clear the calendar for some uninterrupted reading.  

Rock addiction turned out to be a really enjoyable read. It's a contemporary erotic romance with emphasis on the erotic. The main characters, Fox and Molly have a magnetism that's combustible. The sex is explicit, hot and often in this romance as the characters fight their inner demons and past experiences trying to achieve the relationship they both desire. 

The story is written in such a way that the secondary characters, whom I'm sure will be the basis of other books in the series, are engaging enough to tweak the readers interest and make you want to know more about them. Personally I can't wait for Noah's story and am looking forward to the release of Rock courtship, the first novella in the series,  just so I can find out how David and Thea get together.

I must admit when I first started reading the book I thought I may be disappointed. If you are used to reading the Guild Hunter or Psy-Changeling Series this book is very different. It's not a book with in-depth world building and an ongoing story of otherworldly intrigue. The characters in Rock Addiction are normal human beings who just want to find love.  It's a straight M/F contemporary erotic romance where boy meets girl struggling to get their happy ending and should be read as such.

If you love an erotic read, like the fantasy of ending up with a rock star who can be a bad boy at times, then Rock Addiction should be added to your TBR list. I've already got next one Rock Courtship on mine.

About the Author: 

NEW YORK TIMES AND USA Today bestselling author of the Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series Nalini Singh usually writes about hot shapeshifters and dangerous angels. This time around, she decided to write about a hot and wickedly tempting rock star. If you’re seeing a theme here, you’re not wrong.

Nalini lives and works in beautiful New Zealand, and is passionate about writing. If you’d like to explore her other books, you can find lots of excerpts on her website. Slave to Sensation is the first book in the Psy-Changeling series, while Angels’ Blood is the first book in the Guild Hunter series. Once Rock Addiction is out, swing by the site to check out the special behind-the-scenes page, complete with photos of many of the locations used in the book.

STALK HER:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Don't forget to enter the Rock Addiction Competition below and also pre-order Rock Courtship, the new novella in the Rock Kiss series, releasing at the end of September.

          What happens when the Gentleman of Rock decides to play dirty?

A drummer for the hottest rock band on the planet, David has a single, powerful weakness: Thea, the band’s publicist and the woman who steals his breath away with her every move.

Only problem is, Thea doesn’t date clients—or musicians. Emotionally scarred by a cheating ex, she’s not about to risk her heart with a man who has groupies buzzing around him like flies. Even if his sexy smile ties her up in knots.

What she doesn’t know is that David is a one-woman man...and he’s madly in love with her. David’s determined to prove he’s worth the risk, and willing to court her, step by exquisite step. Thea’s about to discover just how long and hard this handsome drummer can play.

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