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New Release Sneaky Peek - Storm Clouds by Tamsin Baker

Storm Clouds by Tasmin Baker is categorized as a Fantasy Romance. It has a M/F Erotic Romance pairing with some F/F and F/F/M scenes.


Nayla is United to her beautiful unicorn Bronte. She knows the legends and is waiting for the United pair that will complete their life.  When Gorvan arrives with Seinna, his United, she knows instantly he's her soul mate.
But Gorvan is stubborn and scared. He wants to keep moving from town to town and doesn’t believe Naylaa about their need for one another.
Naylaa must make him see it... before greed and stubbornness tears them and their beloved unicorns apart forever.

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"Are you alright?" Para rushed over to Naylaa and wrapped her arms around her.
A jolt in her loins signaled arousal as Para's breasts crushed against hers. Naylaa wasn't sure if it was her arousal or Gorvan's response to Para. They were so entwined now that she found it hard to distinguish the two.
She looked over Para's shoulder and saw Gorvan's smile. It had been too long since they had mated and he was ready.
"Para, this is Gorvan. The United of Bronte's mate."
Para gasped and looked between them both. A myriad of emotions rushed across her face. Surprise, delight, disappointment and regret.
Para knew the legends, she would understand who Gorvan was to Naylaa, and unfortunately, it probably meant the end of their love affair.
"It's nice to meet you." Para swallowed, looking Gorvan up and down.
Stepping forward, he extended his hand to Naylaa's lover.
"I am very pleased to meet you, Para."
Para eyed his hand critically before putting her palm in his.
Naylaa lurched as a jolt went through her center, melting her core. The energy in the small room was electric. There was a planet spark calling to them, and she felt the moment Para realized it too.
Knowing both people intimately meant that Naylaa was feeling the attraction stronger than the other two. Her belly was tightening in arousal and she could smell Gorvan's. Because of their link he would feel how aroused she was becoming and was responding to it.
The fate's seemed to have aligned to bring the three of them together. Eyes of blue, green and black. One of each of the Originals, the decision was made for her. They would all mate, now.
Walking across the small kitchen to the door, Naylaa reached out and clicked it shut.
"We were about to lie down, Para. Would you like to join us?"
She turned first to Gorvan to see his eyes light up. Yes, she had read his response correctly. He wanted it also.
Para looked between them and nodded shyly.
Naylaa lead the way, not touching either of her lovers and yet they followed her as though they were tied to her in an invisible way.
When all three of them were in her bedroom she began to undress, taking first her shoes off and then her leggings.
"Can I help you?" Para rushed over to still her hands.
"Of course." Naylaa smiled at her beautiful lover, relieved Para's confidence had not changed with Gorvan present.
Gorvan walked across to a chair that was in the corner and sat down.
"Would you join us on the bed?" Naylaa invited him, not sure how he would feel watching her with Para. Would he be jealous?
Para put a finger in either side of her underwear and slowly slid them down her legs.
Naylaa blushed as Gorvan's heated gaze slid over her legs and now naked pubis. He certainly didn't look jealous.
"I would like to watch you two for a little while. If that is alright?" He purred. His voice, so obviously thick with desire, made her knee's weaken.
"Anything," she promised her true mate and twisted her head so she could kiss Para.
Their lips met and she felt Para's hands move up, under her top garment to cup her swollen breasts.
Eager for Gorvan to see everything she was feeling, she reached down and lifted her top off her body. Breaking their kiss for only the moment it took her to remove the top she returned her lips to Para's.
Completely naked in a room with two fully dressed people, Naylaa felt quite vulnerable.
She reached down for the hem of Para's dress and pulled it off her lush body in one movement. Para was naked beneath. Her almost black nipples were already hard and she could smell her arousal. Naylaa couldn't wait to taste her.
She cupped Para's face and kissed her again, enjoying the low groan she heard from Gorvan. Naylaa could feel how aroused he was, he was enjoying this as much as she was.
Kneeling in front of Para, Naylaa pushed open her lover's legs and kissed the crinkly hair. She looked up and watched Para's face spasm with pleasure as Naylaa pushed her finger through the moist lips, up into her wet and welcoming body.
Para moaned and grabbed at her thick blonde hair, so Naylaa inserted a second finger and began to thrust them in and out.
When Para moaned again, Naylaa smiled and dipped her head to lick the already swollen clit, over and over again.
Gorvan moved then and walked to them.
"That looks amazing," Gorvan whispered.
Naylaa looked up and watched Gorvan kiss Para softly on the lips, then move to stand behind her. He cupped both of her breasts and squeezed their nipples at the same time. It was amazing to see and an answering tremor ripple through Para's pelvic muscles and squeezed Naylaa's fingers. 

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