Friday, 27 January 2012

Steve has his own Story

For those of you who've read Finding Angel, you'll know who Steve Jax is. He played a fairly extensive part in the story of Angel, Christian and Daniel. I knew as I was writing Finding Angel, that Steve would get his own story. He was so brash and out there. As I was wrote the first book in the Wylde-Shore I knew he wouldn't leave me alone until he had a book of his own. So now he does. Playing Jax, is his story.

Playing Jax is set a few years after Angel's story. Steve's life has changed considerably and he's sure if he'll ever have another chance at love.  I guess I don't have to tell you that he does get that chance, and with the most unlikely woman. Over the next few weeks I'll add the character biographies for the Playing Jax characters, as I did with Finding Angel. I'm looking forward to sharing some of Steve quotes...he's a man who says what he means, and he doesn't hold back. Playing Jax has some of the regular characters from Finding Angel in it, as well as knew characters that I'm sure readers will love. Again the story has a suspense backdrop, and a few twists to keep readers guessing along the way. I don't have a release date for the story yet but will definitely keep you posted.

 Excerpt from Playing Jax (January, 2012)

 “What’s bothering you, you look a bit somber?" For some reason Angel could read Steve like a book.
“Thinking about Kathy, how life’s changed. You know the regular shit.”

“Why start thinking again now. Is it because you’ve been going out and meeting women again?”

“I’ve been going out to get laid Angel, not to find love or anything else.”
“That’s a shame, I thought you were finally taking steps to find someone new, maybe fall in love again.”

“We’ve had this discussion. It’s not possible to fall in love again. Kathy was my soul mate. I won’t get a second chance.” Damn it. Angel had those sparkly eyes like she was going to cry all over him.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy Anniversary Secret Cravings Publishing

I love a celebration, I mean who doesn't? Special occasions remind us of the things in life we need to appreciate and be grateful for. Loved ones, family, friends, things we've achieved, and even the lessons we've learned from our failures. We can celebrate anything, and I know in Australia we often do. I mean the whole country nearly closes down on the first Tuesday of November each year for the Melbourne Cup (for those of you who don't know, it's a horse race). I see all my overseas friends sitting in front of their computers with stunned expressions. I kid you not, we celebrate a horse race. It's a huge day, workplaces stop to watch or listen to the race. The only movement in the whole country is people jumping up and down screaming at a TV screen.

My point is, celebrations are a great thing. For the last month, authors who are part of the Secret Cravings stable (I may as well stick with the horse theme now I've started) have been blogging and giving away prizes because it's Secret Cravings Publishing's (SCP) First Anniversary. I'm only new to the world of writing and publishing but so far it's been a great experience for me, much of it due to SCP. My first novella in their Hot Flash Line came out this month, three more in the same series are to follow this year. I'm thankful to be able to participate in SCP's first year and the anniversary celebration. Congratulations on being an excellent publisher. I hope your success continues to grow and that you keep putting out quality books for years to come.

Happy Anniversary Secret Cravings.  

Win a Copy of The Cougar Club.
My first novella, The Cougar Club was released through SCP just this month. I'm giving away a PDF copy as part of the celebration. So, for your chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog (along with you email address of course). I'll be announcing the winner on the 16th for those who participate.  

Also if you participate in the competitions and make blog entries on all the celebration blogs you can go in the draw to win the major prize from Secret Cravings Publishing. for more information about how to win the major prize visit the link below.

Monday, 9 January 2012

4 out of 5 for The Cougar Club

Well The Cougar Club is out and today there's a review for it on Kinky Book Reviews. Riane gave it 4 out of 5 kinks...yippee. I'm so happy about the review. It's nice to know that other like what I've written. I'm also guest blogging today as part of the Kinky Book Reviews New Year Launch Party so rock along and check it out.

You could win a copy of Finding Angel
by leaving a comment under the post.

The Cougar club review is also up on the site,
so have a read and see if you'd liked to buy the

I hope you all have a great day, I'll be spending my day working on Playing Jax, the second book in the Wylde-Shore Series. It's all about Steve Jax, his wife is dead and he believes he may never love again. I'm trying to convince him otherwise. Let's hope his heart isn't too broken and he can find his way back to happiness.