Friday, 27 January 2012

Steve has his own Story

For those of you who've read Finding Angel, you'll know who Steve Jax is. He played a fairly extensive part in the story of Angel, Christian and Daniel. I knew as I was writing Finding Angel, that Steve would get his own story. He was so brash and out there. As I was wrote the first book in the Wylde-Shore I knew he wouldn't leave me alone until he had a book of his own. So now he does. Playing Jax, is his story.

Playing Jax is set a few years after Angel's story. Steve's life has changed considerably and he's sure if he'll ever have another chance at love.  I guess I don't have to tell you that he does get that chance, and with the most unlikely woman. Over the next few weeks I'll add the character biographies for the Playing Jax characters, as I did with Finding Angel. I'm looking forward to sharing some of Steve quotes...he's a man who says what he means, and he doesn't hold back. Playing Jax has some of the regular characters from Finding Angel in it, as well as knew characters that I'm sure readers will love. Again the story has a suspense backdrop, and a few twists to keep readers guessing along the way. I don't have a release date for the story yet but will definitely keep you posted.

 Excerpt from Playing Jax (January, 2012)

 “What’s bothering you, you look a bit somber?" For some reason Angel could read Steve like a book.
“Thinking about Kathy, how life’s changed. You know the regular shit.”

“Why start thinking again now. Is it because you’ve been going out and meeting women again?”

“I’ve been going out to get laid Angel, not to find love or anything else.”
“That’s a shame, I thought you were finally taking steps to find someone new, maybe fall in love again.”

“We’ve had this discussion. It’s not possible to fall in love again. Kathy was my soul mate. I won’t get a second chance.” Damn it. Angel had those sparkly eyes like she was going to cry all over him.

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