Friday, 29 June 2012

Vicariously Naughty

I must admit I haven't had a night of naughtiness for a while, yes I know, sad isn't it :( but I'm hoping that will change in the future.

The best thing about being an avid reader, as well as an author, is the fact I can read about other peoples naughty nights any time I want. All I have to do is pick up an erotic romance novel and I'm in another world. I don't have to worry if I've shaved my legs (or other areas). It doesn't matter if I'm wearing my flannaette nightshirt which is not sexy at all. In fact, I could be having the worst bad hair, or bad mood day of all and it doesn't matter. I still get to be vicariously naughty through whatever characters appear on the pages, or e-reader before me.

For me the more erotic the story the better and that's how I like to write as well. I try to let my mind run wild and if the sex isn't limited to the normal places and positions then all the better. The erotic acts don't have to be limited to sex. Sensual encounters can be just as erotic as penetration, and I try to include those moments in my books as well. In Playing Jax, the second novel in the Wylde Shore Series, I included an intimate shaving scene between the two main characters, Steve and Rhia. I hope readers enjoy it as much as the down and dirty fucking that the two of them get into. For me, including that scene bought a new aspect to the characters, it added to the journey of sexual exploration Rhia was engaged in and demonstrated a tender side to Steve's dominance.

There are a plethora of great erotic romances on the market now and finding something that allows the reader to experience new worlds and fantasies is an added bonus of that fact. Hopefully my books and many others serve as inspiration to add a little erotic play to many relationships.  

I want to thank Naughty Nights Press, one of the publishers of great steamy books, for allowing me to participate in their one year anniversay blog hop. Don't forget to check out the other participants by clicking on the blog hop link at the side of this post. Over thirty participants all have something to give away as part of the celebration and I know we all like to get something for free.  

If you would like to read Steve and Rhia's story just click this link to purchase it from the Bookstrand website. You can also find my books on Amazon and at other e-book retailers.
For your chance to win an ebook copy of Playing Jax leave a comment on this blog before midnight on the 1st July, along with an email address and you'll go in the draw to win. The winners name will be added to the end of this post on July 3rd and the winner will be contacted via email by me letting them know they've won.

Happy 1st Birthday Naughty Nights Press

July 2nd update:

The ramdomly selected winner of an eBook copy of Playing Jax is bn100. Congratulations bn and thank you all for entering. 

July 8th update: After numerous attempts to contact bn100 the email address appears to be invalid. If bn100 wishes to claim their prize please visit my website and send me a message via my contact form. If no contact is received within five days I will redraw the prize.


  1. Your book sounds so good!! Id love to read it! Thank you for sharing, for the fun hop, and awesome giveaway!

  2. It sounds like a great story. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

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  3. Playing Jax sounds like a fantastic read!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
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  4. Playing Jax sound like my kind of book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Thanks for joining the hop! I'd love to read this.

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  6. This sounds really good!

  7. I totally agree with you, Jan!! ;)
    I love erotica books. This one sounds yummy! Thank you for the chance to read it.
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  8. Great post! I completely agree :D
    Playing Jax sounds fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  9. Nice post. Thanks for the giveaway.


  10. I know what you mean about living vicariously through my characters. Today was one of those not so good days. No one wants to see this right now...except my ebook.
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  11. I so agree with you that one of the big reasons I read erotic novels is that I get to live many lives thru such great characters that you awesome authors create! Happy Anniversary to NNP and keep up the great work :)


  12. Thanks for the chance to win!
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  13. Thank you all for your comments.

    I hope you had fun participating in the Naughty Nights Blog Hop. The winner of Playing Jax has been notified by email and the post updated with the winners name.

    Thanks again, hope to see you all again.