Sunday, 5 March 2017

Celebrate Romance - Ten Amazing Authors Sharing the Love. #giveaway #Kindlefire

Celebrate romance by entering this fantastic giveaway brought to you by Ten Amazing Romance authors who want to share their work, love of writing and gratitude for such fabulous readers like yourself! We've come together to offer an amazing giveaway with a grand prize of a NEW Kindle Fire, 2 "Gift Baskets" of all 20 Kindle ONLY eBooks in this giveaway, and 20 Winners of individual Kindle ONLY eBooks, randomly selected!!! 

The giveaway runs from March 4th to 10th, so share the love with your friends just like we're sharing the love with you. 

Secret Desire and Resisting Love from my Hot in the City Series are part of the prize pool. So I thought I'd include a little tease from each to whet your appetites.

Secret Desire

​When Jake Munroe moves into his new apartment he has no idea the woman of his dreams is literally right next door. She’s beautiful, sexy, and frustratingly elusive. Finding the right time to make his move seems like it will never come, until she walks through the doors of his nightclub.
Sally isn’t looking for a new relationship but when Jake appears in her life, she grabs the opportunity to partake in some sexual healing. Her ex-husband left her convinced she could never sexually excite or satisfy a man, but those rule don’t seem to apply to Jake. He wants her—at least for now.
Jake’s desire for Sally is unequaled to anything he’s experienced before. He wants her in his life and is determined to have her, no matter what it takes. When he thinks he’s finally made Sally his own, he discovers a horrible truth. Sally has kept their relationship hidden from everyone she knows and Jake refuses to be anyone’s secret plaything.

Resisting Love

Kenzie Stuart is an artist who’s finally started to achieve her dream—success. She doesn’t need anything to interfere with that, especially a relationship. Her number one rule when it comes to men is, love them and leave them, without getting emotionally involved. This worked perfectly until she met Justin Davies. When Kenzie realized she cared for Justin, her only option was to leave but she didn’t merely walk away from the man she loved. Kenzie ran like the wind, determined to never look back.
Justin Davies waited until he thought Kenzie Stuart was ready to accept his affection. He believed he did everything required in order to win her heart, but Kenzie still ran, leaving him high and dry to nurse his wounded heart. Despite everything, he wants her back and this time Justin has thrown the rule book out the window. He’ll recapture Kenzie anyway he can. By fair means or foul he’s determined to break down her resistance to love.  

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