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Wylde-Shore Series Highlight

As you know I'm currently participating in the I Heart Books Giveaway, if you'd like to know more about the prize pool then click the giveaway tab on the top button bar. As part of the prize pool, I've donated two ebooks (winners choice) from my backlist . 

So, to make the selection easier, I thought I'd spend the next four days highlighting my books Today I'm starting with my Wylde-Shore series and the two currently available reads, Finding Angel and Playing Jax. Enjoy ☺

Finding Angel by Jan Graham

How can one woman and an accounts ledger cause so much trouble.

Angel Wylde is a woman with a complicated existence, a damaging past, and a desire to be normal. Unfortunately, what's normal to Angel is unconventional to the rest of us. A crime boss will kill to get an incriminating ledger from her. Detective Steve Jax also wants the ledger from Angel, but the infuriating woman has disappeared. Christian and Daniel Shore, Steve's two best friends, don't know about the ledger. They just want Angel. A chance meeting has them taking her home and deciding she is the only woman for them-yes, both of them. Obviously, Angel isn't the only one with unconventional desires. So who does Angel trust? Two kinky Doms she just met, a cop she doesn't know anything about, or a nasty crime boss? Trusting all of them may save her life, and falling in love with two Dominant brothers is the icing on the cake. Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

MFM, Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary, Menage
Word Count: 159,477
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Adult Excerpt

Angel felt like she wanted to scream. She needed more than gentle touching. For some reason she was hornier than usual. She had been since she’d woken. As much as she loved being turned on with gentle strokes and caresses, tonight it just added to the fire that had simmered inside her all day. She wanted to be taken, and she wanted it now. Her cunt hadn’t lost the heat of their morning fuck session so she didn’t need to be teased to arousal. She was already there.
Christian joined them on the bed, and Angel felt his hand ease under the lace of her pants. His fingers teased open her lips and slowly made their way to her clit. God, she wanted him to rip her pants from her while Daniel tore away her bra, she wanted them to take her with force, and she wanted to be filled with both of them and filled now.
“Grrr,” Angel growled, looking over at Christian as she tried to pull Daniel closer to her hard nipple, wanting to feel the bite of his teeth against it.
“Fuck it, Christian rip my pants off, tear them off, and fuck me now,” she demanded.
Obviously it didn’t have the effect she was after as both men eased back, removing the touch from her body altogether. She kicked her legs against the mattress and screamed in frustration.
“Are you throwing a tantrum?” Christian laughed down at her as he licked the wetness from his fingers.
“Yes.” Angel sat up and pulled off her bra and then her pants. “I want to be fucked hard, now, or I’m going to explode.”
Angel pushed Daniel backward and attempted to straddle him, only to feel her body being lifted up and off the bed by Christian. Angel could feel the tip of Christian’s erection brush against her bottom as he held her, back firmly against his hard body, feet dangling in the air.
“Ask nicely,” Christian spoke into her ear before skimming his lips over the softness of her neck.
“Bite me,” Angel snapped back at him, trying to wriggle out of the tight hold he had on her. She felt his lips part slightly and stilled in his arms as his teeth sank into her neck, biting hard and sucking her flesh in between them. The pain was exhilarating as she screamed and moaned in delight.
“Yes,” she whimpered as her hand rose up to push his face harder against her neck. As soon as she spoke, Christian released her flesh from between his teeth and laughed as she growled at him once again.
“Wylde by name, wild by nature. Or so it seems tonight anyway,” he joked, staring over at Daniel who was still on the bed wearing nothing but a wry smile.
“So you want this?” Daniel asked Angel as he eased himself back onto one elbow, stretching out on the bed, his hard cock reaching up into the air as he massaged it with his hand. “But you don’t want to ask for it nicely,” he stated in amusement.
“What’s got you so horny tonight, my love?” Christian asked, easing her feet onto the floor but still holding her firmly.
“I need you both inside me. I’m so horny I could die at any minute. I’ve been horny all day, and I want you to fuck me now!” Angel stamped her foot and screamed the last part of her statement, only to hear both men laugh as she did.
“Let me get this straight.” The smirk on Daniel’s face was more annoying than the fact he had begun to stroke his cock, or at least Angel thought so until she saw a glisten of pre-cum seep from the end of it. “After all the emotional events of the day, you are refusing a night of gentle lovemaking and demanding we just fuck you?”
“Bingo,” Angel stated as she slammed her heel down onto the top of Christian’s foot and slipped from his arms, diving toward Daniel lounging on the bed.
“Fuck that hurt,” Christian yelled as he reached for Angel, taking hold of her by the arm and stopping her escape.
Her knees were already on the bed by the time he reclaimed her, and Christian allowed her to fall forward as he quickly administer three hard smacks onto her bare bottom. Angel screamed, her hand going immediately to the red heated spot on her butt cheek.
That was definitely not a spanking for play. That was more like you’ve been a bad girl punishment kind of smack.
Christian released Angel as she rolled over onto her back, her hand still pressed against the mark on her butt.
“Ouch,” she pouted, looking up at Christian.
“Ouch,” Christian replied, pointing to his foot.
“So you need to be fucked, Angel.” Daniel dragged her to the centre of the bed. “Hard and fast, no foreplay, no gentle teasing?” Angel nodded her head, desire flaming behind her emerald eyes.
“On one condition, no holes barred.” Christian looked down at her as she lay naked in the centre of the bed. “Do you understand me, sweetie? We take you any way we want.”

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Playing Jax by Jan Graham

If love is a game then Rhiannon 
McCabe thinks Steve Jax is a prize worth playing for.

Steve Jax buried his heart, along with his soul mate, two years ago. He had his turn in the game of love, and it didn't work out, end of story. His new neighbor might stir certain passions within him, but his dark, kinky desires aren't the sort of thing a sweet, naive ex-nun should be exposed to. All he has to do is convince the determined little minx of that. Rhiannon McCabe has never been in love. She's hidden under a religious veil since she was eighteen. Now everything's changed. She's left the church, created a new life, and finally met the only man to ever arouse her sexual nature. Steve might think he doesn't have the capacity to love her, but she's determined to convince him otherwise. If love really is a game, then Steve Jax is a prize worth playing for.

M/F Categories: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary
Word Count: 122,428
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Adult excerpt

He slid one hand up her thigh, only to still when he reached between her legs.
“You’re not wearing underpants, sweetheart. Why is that?”
“I was waiting for you to come home. I thought you might like it.” He made a low, growling noise beside her neck as he nuzzled his face into her.
“What does not wearing panties indicate to me, darling? Tell me what you hoped I’d do when I found out.” His fingers slipped between her thighs, and he began to slowly press them into the wetness, circling her clit, exploring the opening he’d liberated just the day before. Rhia arched her body toward him in response and tried to compose the words.
“Sex,” she gasped, as a second finger penetrated her. “I hoped we’d have sex.”
“We’re not going to have sex, Rhia.” She whimpered as he removed his fingers from inside her. “I’m going to show you what happens to naughty girls who walk around without panties on.”
“W-what happens?” She watched as he sucked the juice from her body off his fingers.
“I fuck them senseless.” His lips reclaimed hers, his fingers clamped tight in her hair. His other hand cupped her breast and pinched at the nipple beneath the thin cotton dress she wore. He moved his mouth to her neck, laving his tongue over her flesh, biting her neck, and licking away the sting. She suddenly realized he hadn’t devoured her before, because he was consuming her now.
 “I love this short little summer dress. Do you have more of these?”
“Yes, one more. I have one…why?” She couldn’t think, could barely speak. Why on earth was he asking about her dress?
He didn’t answer her. Instead he kissed her once more, another ravenous kiss that made her moan. She knew he was moving them backward, or forward, she didn’t care. The kiss, combined with his hands roving over her body, disoriented her. The arousal pulsed through her, and moisture spilled between her legs. He could take her anywhere, as long as he kept touching her. Steve lifted her slightly, sliding her onto the dining table. Spreading her legs, he stood in between them. He released her lips, and began to move her away from him, lowering her onto the table.
His eyes, filled with a dazed lust, surely resembled hers. As her back connected with the table, his hands moved to the front of her dress. He ripped it open, buttons flying into the air. She let out a cry of surprise, or was it another moan of delight? How could having her clothes torn be so erotic that her pussy clenched in delight? He sucked one nipple firmly into his mouth, the pull so firm it bordered on pain. He ripped the rest of the dress down the middle until it lay beneath her like a sheet.
He continued to eat at her breasts, devouring one nipple then moving to the next. Stinging little bites across the soft flesh and a quick lick of his tongue accompanied each transition between the hard peaks. The pleasure with a little sting of pain had her crying out and moaning beneath him. His hands moved between her legs, but they weren’t touching her. The thump of something on the table next to her made her look to the side. His wallet lay open, a trail of condoms poking from between the leather. He raised his head, standing at full height over her.
“Look what you do to me, sweetheart.” Steve’s husky voice, deepened with his own arousal. Rhia looked at him, raised herself onto her elbows and watched him sheath his erection. “Are you ready for me, baby?”
He positioned the head against her opening as he spoke. She didn’t know if she said yes or just thought it, but it didn’t matter, he was already pushing inside her. She watched his manhood disappear between her legs, and the look of pleasure on his face was undeniable. Rhia arched as he penetrated her. One thrust, two, and three, he was fully embedded inside her. She cried out with each movement, grappling to make sense of opposing stimuli, pain as her body stretched to accommodate his girth and the pleasurable slide along nerve endings that eased the discomfort. He gripped her hips and pushed into her with a sense of urgency she hadn’t experienced before.
Waves of erotic delight filled her as he began to pound her forcefully. The strokes drove her wild with desire, each one building the need for the next, for more. The sensations built quickly. Her pussy quivered and pulsed around the intrusion. He raised her legs to rest over his shoulders and leant forward, taking her deeper. The first orgasm hit her like a freight train, pushing the air from her lungs, the scream echoing in her head, not making it to the outside world. His hands rested on the table, his wrists abutting her shoulders, holding her in place.
“Look at me.” Somehow the words penetrated her mind.
She looked at him, his face above her. Her calves framed his face. His eyes now appeared to be the deepest sapphire, nearly black. His hair fell around his face, perspiration trickling down his brow. He didn’t let her recover. The next orgasm, more powerful than the first, as he continued to relentlessly thump into her like a man possessed.
“You’re so beautiful, Rhia. Your cunt wrapped around me like a tight fucking glove. Your face dazed with pleasure. Come again, baby, I love when you come all over me.”

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