Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pre Release Day Giveaway - Edible Delights Vol 1

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The wait is nearly over and very soon you'll be able to delve into a feast of erotic romance like you've never read before. Edible Delights Vol 1 features four Australian authors who have written some truly delicious, food related erotic romance novellas to tempt your reading taste buds. The anthology is due out on Friday, 17th May, through Secret Cravings Publishing...but, as one of the authors appearing in volume one (there are three books in total) I simply don't want you to have to wait. So you don't have to (yay) I'm giving away a PDF copy of the anthology to one lucky reader. 

To give you a hint at the type of story you'll find in the anthology, below is a little teaser blurb about my novella. For other info about the anthology please click the Edible Delights Link under the cover picture.

Edible Delights Vol 1 - All You Can Eat by Jan Graham.

Combine one sexy chef, a dominant food critic, and a generous splash of mistaken identity. Apply heat to create a deliciously erotic banquet for two. 

As a Chef, Katrina McGregor knows she can’t please everyone so when a prominent food critic slams her signature dish she’s faced with a choice. Crumble under the weight of one man’s opinion or use it as motivation to change. Katrina’s curiosity peaks when she’s invited to trial her new menu at the critic’s country estate. Why has he taken such an interest in her career and is food the only thing that Conrad Fletcher has on his mind?
Conrad Fletcher refuses to be held responsible for Katrina assuming his elderly father and namesake is the critic who condemned her food. If his plan to seduce the voluptuous little chef who captured his attention weeks earlier succeeds, not only will Katrina have a critically acclaimed menu, she’ll also be in his arms and home forever. The only thing that threatens to prevent successfully achieving that goal—her reaction to a simple case of mistaken identity. 
How to enter: 
Putting in an entry is simple (at least I hope it Choose an option in the competition box below and you go in the draw...easy. Good luck everyone. 

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  1. Congratulations Jan! You and all those other lovely authors have done an exceptional job! Take a bow!

    1. Give's a modest curtsy, it's much more

  2. Congrats! I cannot wait to read it!

    1. Thanks Lovely, I hope you enjoy it when you do :)

  3. What foods make me feel sexy when eating them are, chocolate dipped strawberries and handmade chocolate truffles :)