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Cuddle Up with A Contemporary Romance Blog Hop

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I know it's spring over in America but in my neck of the woods (Australia) it's Autumn and we are quickly heading into winter. The days are getting cooler, people are mentioning it's time to get the fires ready for the cold nights ahead and of an evening, if you don't take a jacket when you go out, you have the potential to freeze... brr.

I discovered this fact for myself when I went to a party a few weeks ago. Canberra is our capital and it's set slightly inland and further south than where I currently live. I didn't even think the temperature would be that different to my coastal home. Silly me. The temperature went below zero the night of the party and all I had to wear was a lightweight dress and lace jacket. Talk about cold. Luckily for me there were outdoor fire pits, a lovely wood-fired heater inside and a fair amount of alcohol flowing to keep me warm. Oh and of course there were some lovely men who offered to hold trembling women in their arms to prevent them from freezing. Chivalry isn't dead ladies, well not in Canberra at least. :)

Anyway, back to the Cuddle Up with A Contemporary Romance Blog Hop. It's the perfect blog hop for any romance lover but especially for us Aussie's. Fire up the ebook reader, make a hot chocolate, grab a blanket and sit by the fire to read about the chivalrous heroes we all adore. And you never know if you pick a book from an Aussie author you may get to read about one of those lovely men in Canberra that offered to help keep me warm. 

As part of the blog hop I'm giving away two things that make cuddling up easy to do. The winner will receive a PDF copy of the just released (as in yesterday, so it's brand new) Anthology - Edible Delights Vol. 1, plus a tasty little indulgence pack.

Edible Delights introduces you to the writing of four Australian erotic romance authors. An excerpt from my novella, All You Can Eat, which is included in the anthology, features below. The indulgence pack includes a coffee mug, coffee, tea and hot chocolate selections and a small packet of Australia's infamous chocolate biscuit the Tim Tam... how yummy. 

To enter select an option from the choices listed in the competition panel following the excerpt. The winner will be chosen by raffle-copter within 48 hours of the competition ending and notified via email. Good luck everyone. 

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Hot Off the Presses Excerpt - All You Can Eat  by Jan Graham

Kat strode to the bathroom and turned on the cold water, hoping a chilly start to the day would calm the heat of her arousal. The water rushed over her naked skin causing a shiver, her breasts ached as her nipples became more erect than Kat thought humanly possible. Picking up the cake of soap, she lathered her body. Her hands sliding over wet soapy flesh felt unexplainably sensual so she changed tack, adopting the roughly-lather-quickly-rinse approach. It didn’t feel any less erotic as visions of Jai taking her crudely, forcefully, filled her mind. Kat rested her head against the cool tile wall, an aggravated moan accompanied the soapy bubbles as they disappeared down the drain. The situation was impossible.
“Do you need any help washing your back, kitty kat?” The sound of Jai’s deep voice caused her pussy to clench. She groaned, flicking off the faucet, Kat quickly reached for the towel hanging over the glass petition of the cubicle.
Jai stood in the doorway leading from his bedroom, jeans sitting low on his hips, muscular stomach and chest on full display, hair ruffled from just getting out of bed. The look on his face could only be described as wicked and Kat averted her eyes, attempting to ignore the distinctive bulge at his groin. She summoned the energy to appear indignant.
“How long have you been there and why are you in here?” she snapped.
“Well, hearing your soft moans, I thought I’d better investigate. Luckily, I arrived around halfway through the soapy display. So, in answer to the first part of your question, long enough to be entertained, amused, aroused. As to the why, well, you didn’t lock the door. I did warn you last night. I believe I said—”
“Yes I remember.” Kat snapped. “If I don’t want you catching me wet and naked in the shower I need to lock the door.” Kat adjusted the towel to ensure she was fully covered. Not that it mattered now because he’d seen her in all her glory—every curve and wobbly bit—she doubted the soap covered anything much.
“Exactly, therefore I assumed…door not locked…my kitten wants me to see her naked, glistening with water and bubbles.”
“Male logic never ceases to amaze me.” Kat couldn’t decide if she wanted to smack the smug look off his face or have him rip the towel off her body, then take her roughly, pressed up against the bathroom wall. Maybe both would be equally satisfying.
He stalked toward her, grabbed a fistful of wet hair, engulfed her lips with his own and immersed her in the most passionately, erotic kiss she’d ever experienced. Her arms entwined his neck, the desire to respond with equal vigor overwhelming her. Jai swallowed each moan of delight elicited from her, a guttural groan his response to the need she expressed. The towel slipped from her body as he released her mouth. She gazed into lust-filled eyes as he began to gently dry her skin with the towel, she now realized, he’d pulled from her.
Kat couldn’t speak, the kiss leaving her breathless, the aching need between her legs clouding her mind. His towel-covered hands pawing at her breasts, down her back, over her legs, between her thighs as he dried her held her in a mesmerized state of confused delight. She should stop him. He had no right to even be here, his behavior—totally inappropriate. Oh but it felt so right, so good, and so damned erotic she didn’t want him to stop. Kat moaned deeply, leaning back against his bare chest as the towel tumbled to the floor allowing Jai’s now bare hand to cup the flesh between her thighs.
“I don’t seem to be able to get you completely dry, kitty kat.” His fingers pressed between her lips, stroking gently over her clit. “I wonder how horny you will have to become before you ask me to take you, because I won’t take you until you ask.”
Kat could barely breathe as her body erupted with heat. She wanted Jai more than any man she’d met before, but at the right time, in the right place. Not here and now, the focus of this visit should be work, not fornicating with her mentor’s son.
“Please, Jai.” Kat’s words were spoken with a groan. “Your father may not approve…I need to think of the reason I came here not our attraction for each other. Please, don’t do this to me.”
“I love the desperate way you say please, kitty kat. I’m wondering when you finally say the words—should I make you beg before satisfying you?” He removed his hand, kissing the top of her head as he released her. “Now, I’ll leave you to dress. Wear something sexy for breakfast. Father won’t be back until tomorrow morning as the food critics’ luncheon is set for noon. So it’s just us here until then.”
Jai walked out the door before Kat could respond, leaving her steadying herself on the basin for the second time in less than twenty-four hours.

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Edible Delights Vol 1 is published by Secret Cravings Publishing and available for purchase at their website.  

If you enjoy reading Edible Delights Vol 1, watch out for the next two volumes highlighting even more Australian erotic romance writers for you to enjoy.

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