Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Truth or Dare Tuesday - Hepszi Hoyle

Today's Truth or Dare is my friend a one of crit readers Hepszi. Welcome Hepszi, I'm looking forward to seeing the questions you've chosen to answer and what you have to say. Before we here Hespzi's truth let see what she has to tell us about herself.

Hello everyone on Jan's blog. I'm happy to be here answering questions today while I build up the guts to do one of Jan's Dare's. So I may be back in a few weeks for a very different reason.

I've known Jan for a lot of years, we worked together in her past live as a childcare worker and have stayed close ever since. I'm an avid reader, particularly of the romance genre but I do read general fiction as well through a book club that I attend every week. I'm one of Jan's crit readers when she works on her books and enjoy giving my opinion about what's working well and what I think should be changed. Not that a lot needs changing, well most of the time :) I often tell Jan that I'm her Gail, you know, Oprah's very wise friend that I'm sure Oprah pays attention to ALL the time (hint, hint, Jan).  

I hope you all enjoy my answers and in a few weeks, when I decide which dare to do, I'll be back on here again. Fingers crossed and providing Jan can take the picture of me doing whatever it is I decide to do.

Thanks Hepszi, now let's find out some hidden truths I may not know.

Who is a movie villain you find attractive?

Do you remember the Robin Hood film in the 80’s?  I think Alan Rickman played the Sheriff of Nottingham, now he was hot to look at and hammed the part up with humor.  I can still remember the fight scene where Robin and the sheriff were dueling over maid Marion and I was thinking: “ if I was Marion, I’d stay with the sheriff.” Can’t remember who played Robin, oh wait it was Kevin Costner.  I wonder why he didn't do it for me.  Must have been the trousers not tights!

What is the meanest thing that you have done in your life?

When I was in Preschool, I locked another child in the toilet cubicle.  I have some vague recollection it was over some slight that occurred in the sandpit.  Needless to say I didn't get away with it.  In turn the teacher “locked” me in the kitchen behind a screen door. (she could see and hear me so don’t get upset)  I can still remember thinking that as punishments go I had the best deal as I was sitting in the room with all the morning teas.

What do you think your best and worse physical attributes are?

I would have to say my worst physical attribute is I am terribly uncoordinated and short sighted. I find this funny now as people have always told me the color of my eyes are the bluest they have seen. I think the shapes of my legs are my best feature.

What is the worst thing about being an adult?

I think the worst thing about being an adult is the loss of innocence, as you grow into adulthood you gradually loose the rose colored glasses.  You see reality, you begin to loose imagination like the ability to levitate off the ground which you did as a child.  As a child you can do and achieve anything as an adult you learn about limitations.

If you had only 24 hours left to live, what would you do?

I would call as many friends and love ones together as I could and have one hell of a slap bang party/wake. 

Thanks lovely, I've discovered a few things I didn't know about you. Firstly I'm glad I didn't know you in preschool and secondly, I totally agree about Alan Rickman (aka Severus Snap from Harry Potter) as the Sheriff of Nottingham from Robyn Hood - Prince of Thieves

What does everyone else think (well those that remember the movie) who did you prefer, Alan Rickman or Kevin Costner?


  1. Oh Allan Rickman by far, it is the voice I have decided all the badies have deep macho voices.

    1. I totally agree Lady. And most women like the bad boy :)