Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Guess who found a home?

I know it's a bit late coming, but for those of you that haven't caught up on the news, Finding Angel is now under contract with Siren Publishing. The estimated e-book release date is January 2012.

Okay, now that you've stopped jumping around the room and controlled your excitement, I would like to make two proposals in relation to the release of my first novel.

1: Let's delay Christmas so every female in the world can be given a copy of the book (along with a lovely new e-book reader if you don't own one) as a Christmas gift. Of course, this is my preferred option, because with only 8 weeks to go, I am no where near ready to attend the annual Christian baby shower. An extra month would make things much easier on the financial situation in this household. Additionally, a slight name change wouldn't hurt. Instead of calling it Christmas we could entitle it the Finding Angel International Book Launch, worldwide celebrations could then ensue, fun would be had by all and sales would skyrocket...your thoughts?

No? A bit extreme, maybe? Oh well.

2: For those traditionalists amongst us, who greeted the first option was a resounding...NO! Perhaps you'll get on board with option two. Ask family and friends for cash to spend in the Christmas sales, save a little cash back from the initial rush of specials and purchase the book when it's released. Argh, yes, much better I hear you say, I'll go with option two. Let me just say, I understand the rationale behind your decision, it is far more practical and less disruptive to the general running of the world. Still it doesn't carry the creative flair and daring of option one. Are you sure you won't reconsider?

No? Still too extreme for your taste? Oh well.

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  1. I think option one is a great idea, I know Christmas in this household could be delayed, the longer the better really.
    If option two is elected by the democratic vote I will go with it.
    I love love love the new look, so sexy and as I have not read the edited,changed added to edition of "Finding Angel" I can't wait and shhh don't tell anyone but I know the author so I might be able to get my book signed.