Friday, 26 August 2011

My New Novella

I recently finished writing a short story (around 20k words) called The Cougar Club so I thought I'd do a little blog on it.

The Cougar Club

Zeke Munroe is 28 years old and the owner of a club called Rubens in Sydney Australia. Rubens is fast becoming the most popular night club in town because, in a city where gay venues rule supreme, Zeke's establishment caters to the more mature woman looking to have fun. Of course where mature women gather on mass, so do the men that love them.

Business is great but Zeke's personal life isn't, he needs that one special woman to share his successful life with. After moving into his new harbour side home Zeke becomes infatuated with the girl next door. He needs to introduce himself to the lovely Jasmine, 11 years his senior, so he can proceed to sweep her off her feet and make her his own. The only issue is they never appear to be in the same place at the same time. When Zeke sees Jasmine walk through the doors of his club he can't believe his luck. Jasmine has finally come to him, he doesn't have to admire her from a distance anymore, tonight he intends to get up close and personal... really personal.  

Jasmine is a 39 year old events organiser and, since her divorce, has been determined to experience all life has to offer.  When her friends Katie Swayne, a 38 year old Artist and Trudie Dean a 42 year old wife and mother, take her to Rubens she quickly realises she may be out of her depth. It doesn't take Jasmine long to discover why Rubens is sometimes referred to as 'club rub'. If one more handsome man rubs up against her while she's dancing , she might very well embarrass herself by melting into an orgasmic puddle in the middle of the dance floor. The men sure are friendly here... friendly and much younger than she usually likes them. 

This wasn't exactly the sort of experience Jasmine had in mind when she agreed to go out with her friends. What she doesn't realise is that Zeke intends to make Rubens an experience Jasmine will never forget and at the end of the night when she literally lands in Zeke's lap, he has every intention of keeping her there.

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