Saturday, 21 July 2012

Secret Cravings Summer Scavenger Hunt

There's nothing like feel of warm sun on your skin as you sit on a comfortable chair and read a book written by your favourite author. Unfortunately, while everyone in the northern hemisphere is doing just that, I'm snuggled up in front of a heater dressed head to toe in body covering jumper and jeans. Yes, it's winter in Australia but that isn't going to stop me from participating in the Secret Cravings Summer Scavenger Hunt. After all, I'm an author so I have a good imagination. I can visualise myself on a beach, cocktail in hand, relaxing next to my incredibly hunky, shirtless male-sex-god who's only job is to sensually rub suntan lotion into my skin when needed. Well, there may be other reqirements in his job description, but I can't mention them here. I'll leave that you your imagination.

I hope you all enjoy the scavenger hunt. To enter the major prize draw here is what you do:
  • Find the summer picture I've posted somewhere on my blog and make a not of what it is.
  • Visit the Secret Cravings Blog by clicking here to find out who else is participating or scroll down to the bottom of this post for the list.
  • Visit all the other blog participants to find their picture as well. Make a list of what summer picture is for each author.
  • Email your answer list to by Monday to be included in the draw.
Yes, it's a different style of blog hop to the ones I'm used to participating in and I hope it's a bit of weekend fun for everyone.

I'm also offering a giveaway as part of the Blog hop. If you comment on this post and also sign up to follow my blog then you'll go in the draw to win a PDF copy of Seducing a Cougar.

Excerpt - Seducing a Cougar (click here to purchase)
It didn’t take a genius to ascertain Susan’s attraction to him. Her flushed skin and shallow breaths in response to his touch indicated such. What he didn’t understand was the obvious nervousness toward him. He hoped it would ease over time and put it down to the fact she wasn’t ready to enter into any sort of relationship just yet. After all, the separation from her husband was a fairly recent thing. She’d need time to recover, to sort her feelings out. Blake was prepared to give her that, but he also wanted to leave her in no doubt that when she was ready to move forward he was interested in being the man she moved forward with.
“It’s just over here on the right.” Susan indicated the driveway of her brother, John Dean’s home. 
Blake would save the discussion that he was a partner at her brother’s law firm for another time. Tonight was about making an impression she wouldn’t easily forget. As Susan rummaged through her purse, presumably looking for her house keys, he exited the car and walked around to open the passenger door. As he escorted her to the entry of her flat, located at the side of the Dean’s home, he resisted the urge to lower his hand from the small of her back onto her lushly rounded ass. She was definitely a woman who had a bottom designed for spanking and one fleshy enough to mark nicely with a few strikes of his cane.
“Thank you for driving me home.” Susan spoke nervously as she fumbled to get the key into the lock. “I’m fine to take it from here.”
Blake stood close behind her, intentionally crowding her toward the door. He reached his hand over her shoulder and placed it over hers, assisting her trembling hand to successfully slide the key into the lock. He then tightened his grip on her fingers, preventing her from turning the key. She braced her free hand on the frame of the door as he wrapped his arm around her waist and held her firmly against his body.
“Are you sure you wouldn’t like me to tuck you into bed and kiss you goodnight, Susan?” He whispered the words into her ear and felt a shudder run through her body as he exhaled a slow stream of warm breath to caress her neck.
Susan shook her head. “I can’t.”
“I know, I heard you tell Justin at the club. You’re not ready.” Blake ran his hand upward over her midriff before cupping her breast. He felt the tightened bud of her nipple through the fabric, and pressed it into his palm as he gently squeezed her flesh.
Her breathy moan encouraged him, as did her head falling back to rest on his shoulder, and her bottom pressing onto the erection beneath his trousers as she arched against him. He removed his hand from over hers and swiftly positioned it to cup her mound, pressing her skirt between her legs and pulling her harder against the stiffness between his legs. He pinched the peaked nipple beneath her clothing as she began to squirm against the hand between her legs.
“Blake, why are you…” the low moan that rose from within her caused his cock to flinch with demand.  He’d made his point.
He moved both hands to rest firmly on her hips. 
“I want you to remember who I am, Susan.” He ensured the tone of his voice was firm because he wanted her to know that he expected her to comply with his demand. “When you’re ready, I expect you to come for me, do you understand?”
“Yes.” Her breathless reply caused him to smile. So did the fact that she stood with her hands still braced against the door.
“That’s my good girl.” The sharp slap he placed on her ass as he prepared to walk away, caused her to squeal and spin around. The arousal in her eyes spoke an undeniable truth. “Yes, you like that don’t you?”
Susan didn’t need to say a word. He could see the answer written all over her horny body and her beautifully blushed face.

Participating Authors:
Avril Ashton
Julie Darcy
Jean Joachim
Sandy Sullivan
Jan Graham
Davee Jones
Imogene Nix
Raine D
Marie Rose DuFour
Natalie Bates
Melissa Keir
Jillian Chantal
Kerrianne Coombes
Kellie Kamryn
Shannon West
Tamara Monteau
Cynthia Arsuaga
Mike Arsuaga
AJ Best
Karen Cino
Cathy Greenfeder
Flossie Benton Rogers
Vanessa Johnston

Update: 24th July 2012: I want to thank everyone who commented for a chance to win my ebook but there can only be one winner and that lucky ducky is... Lisa. 
Congratulations, Lisa. Please check your email to find out how to clain your prize.


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